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Do you have a question you think I can be of help to you? Do you need an answer about things related to leadership, strategy, productivity, small business, marketing, entrepreneurship or social media?

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How To Ask Takis

Ask Takis is a page made for you to be able to ask me a question you need an answer to! There are several ways to ask me something you want me to answer to!

There is, of course, the general contact form you can find here and covers many subjects you might want to get an answer for. But there are other ways as well to submit a question to me! And make sure that I answer to you personally!

The first one is to ask me something using my account on Clarity (caution: this is a premium service), my Book My Wizard account (premium account), or my Quora account.

You can also send me a message to my LinkedIn account or using any other social media channel you have a presence in (check my “How to Contact Takis” section in my About page to see the social media I have a presence).

Ask Takis Here!

You can submit your question (preferred way) using the contact form below. I will respond back within 5-7 business days providing you with an answer and maybe resources can help you more!