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Hello friends!

I have developed this blog/site in December 2012 and today is almost 12 years old! During these years I had many successes and even more failures but in one way or another, this blog is still alive and kicking!

This blog is the main reason for connecting with more than 23,000 like-minded entrepreneurs, business owners, freelancers, coaches, consultants, programmers, human development experts, e-learning and course development specialists and many more peers around the world exchanging ideas and helping each other.

It is also a place which gathered many different people want a place to express their feelings and deliver their ideas and messages. And, for this, I am truly grateful.

During these years, my site received many awards, kudos,  and recommendations while becoming the center of attention for many other magazines, publications, and blogs.


During the life of this site, my work has received various awards. Here are some of the most notable ones related to my blog!

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Top 200 SMB & Digital Marketing Blog Posts 2015

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There are many things people have said or wrote about me. Some were good, some were bad some were helpful. Here are a few of the ones make me think and make me proud at the same time!

Takis brings the same great energy…

… to this book that he does to his website. (I was lucky enough to read an early review copy.) If you have been lucky enough to like and follow his blog, you will love this book. It’s a quick, entertaining read too.

(Victor Prince‘s comment on Amazon for my book Simplicity)

Takis’ ability to handle effectively multiple projects in a seamless manner made a huge difference in the productivity of our team. Takis has great proficiency and deep experience of various approaches, strategies technologies, and solutions make him understand and handle better the complex situations arise in the modern economy. 

(Georgia Aliferi, Sales Manager-Business Partner, Razor Technology Consultants, from recommendations on LinkedIn.)

Takis is a great person who gives credit to those people who deserve it.

(Simona Rich, from recommendations on LinkedIn.)

Great list! I’ve learned communication is crucial. I’d say your ability to communicate effectively impacts the success you will have.

(Comment of Dan Black on my article:  5 Key Qualities You Need To Succeed In Business)

Thank you so much Takis for taking your time and reviewing First-Class Leadership book. Such an awesome review confirms my challenging journey has been all worth it to pen this book. Thanks again!

(Hamid Safaei, comment on my article: First-Class Leadership [A Book Review])

What Other People Say About My Work

Here are something has been written about my blog and my work! I can say just one thing: I am truly honored! Your comments inspire me to do even better things, next time.

Takis Athanassiou is an e-Business and e-Learning consultant who empowers managers, executives, and business owners by sharing his best methods, ideas, and approaches for driving success. Takis shares tools, stories, and inspiration for leaders on his blog by using a specialized mindset based on leadership and strategy principles, personal growth directives, business-proven practices and training activities.

Top 25 Leadership Blogs for Small Businesses

Takis Athanassiou is an e-Business & e-Learning consultant who writes about building a meaningful life. His blog posts are very personalized and focus on how to use your own strengths to become better at every aspect of life and succeed in every field you choose. His ideas about personal development are astounding and groundbreaking.

Top 40 Personal Development and Leadership Blogs

Successfully running a business takes more than a great product. Knowing how to lead and communicate with the people you work with is just as important. But what if you’re not born with the leadership skills and communication savvy that moves masses? Fortunately, these skills can be learned and improved just like any other – and Takis Athanassiou shows us how.”

Top 200 SMB & Digital Marketing Blog Posts 2015

Focusing on productivity, this blogger’s leadership style in increasing the result of any team effort. Ultimately, this will be the basis of your leadership skills according to him. As a business consultant and analyst, he is exposed to a variety of businesses that allow him to have better perspective in maximizing productivity to get to the end goal. In a detailed way, he wrote a book in order to increase one’s productivity as a leader that will trickle down to your organization.

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