Question Time – What Makes the Perfect Website?

People often ask what makes the perfect website for a business. Well, for many people this is largely subjective. But, you also have to remember that there are certain tropes and must-haves that need to be a key part of your website. The whole idea of a business site is to attract people to the company and excite them about your brand.

What Makes the Perfect Website?

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Google Is Dragging Businesses, Kicking And Screaming, To A Content-Driven Future

About a year ago, it became obvious to most business leaders and SEO experts that the SEO industry’s days were numbered. Google, as well as a couple of other search engine providers, started getting really clever about the way in which they delivered results.

A Content-Driven Future

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The Small Biz Owner’s 5-Step Blogging Guide: Small Business Blogging That Google And Readers Love

Today’s post is contributed by Richard Kao. Richard is the department manager of COSSales, a UK-based office, and tech solutions provider. A fan of digital marketing and workplace productivity, he loves reading blogs like to grow his knowledge and expertise.

The immense benefits of small business blogging are clear:

SMBs with a blog generate 67% more leads and get 97% more links to their websites than their blog-less counterparts.

5-Step Blogging Guide

6 Things You Can Do To Instantly Improve Your Online Reputation

It’s important to establish the difference between an offline and an online reputation. Your business needs to separate the two, as they really don’t have much bearing on each other. The work you do in the local community to become a respected business is one thing, but the online world is a very different marketplace. If you hope to succeed there, you’re going to need to adopt different tactics.

So, let’s take a look at six things you can do today to boost your online reputation a little further.

Improve Your Online Reputation

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Seven Ways to Promote Your Blog and Attract More Visitors

Today’s post is written by Vincent Hill.  Vincent is an expert writer who writes on different categories like how to make a blog, content writing, blog design and much more. His writing is not only descriptive but also meaningful. He loves to share his ideas on different categories.

Blogging is today’s trend in the online world. Some people think that creating a blog is difficult, but it is not! Blog creation is easy. In fact, it has been one of the easiest things to do online for decades now. It is also made easier today because of the presence of different blog-building tools.

Promote Your Blog and Attract More Visitors

Important Reasons Why Every Business Should Use Web Analytics

In today’s business world, many customers will access your company digitally. It gives you a lot of opportunities to raise business awareness and reach customers you were never able to before. The fact that people access businesses online also means there’s plenty of data to collect. If your company isn’t using web analytics, you’re missing out on a lot of opportunities.

Every Business Should Use Web Analytics

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