Why Taking Your Business Online Is Vital

Taking your business online is a challenge. It’s different to how your business runs in real life. There is so much more to take into account, but so much potential to take advantage of. It can be an absolute game-changer in the long run. Not only is the internet the future, but it has a proven past and present. Now is the time to start utilizing it to benefit you.

Why Taking Your Business Online Is Vital

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What You Need To Know About Modern SEO

For some time, a lot of entrepreneurs saw SEO as some kind of inaccessible wizardry. With the sheer amount of buzz around this subject in popular business journals and convoluted marketing guides, it can be a pretty overwhelming subject for any business owner to tackle.

What You Need To Know About Modern SEO

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Losing Subscribers? 7 Smart Strategies to Prevent Customers From Unsubscribing

Today’s post is written by Kate Thora. Kate is a blogger with an artistic soul which manifests itself in her desires for dancing and writing. Kate is also a creative marketer and a part of the team behind Uphours, where she uses her ideas for reaching a wider audience. Follow her on Twitter.

If you’re running an email newsletter and struggling with high unsubscribe rate, this post is for you.

Losing Subscribers

Question Time – What Makes the Perfect Website?

People often ask what makes the perfect website for a business. Well, for many people this is largely subjective. But, you also have to remember that there are certain tropes and must-haves that need to be a key part of your website. The whole idea of a business site is to attract people to the company and excite them about your brand.

What Makes the Perfect Website?

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Google Is Dragging Businesses, Kicking And Screaming, To A Content-Driven Future

About a year ago, it became obvious to most business leaders and SEO experts that the SEO industry’s days were numbered. Google, as well as a couple of other search engine providers, started getting really clever about the way in which they delivered results.

A Content-Driven Future

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The Small Biz Owner’s 5-Step Blogging Guide: Small Business Blogging That Google And Readers Love

Today’s post is contributed by Richard Kao. Richard is the department manager of COSSales, a UK-based office, and tech solutions provider. A fan of digital marketing and workplace productivity, he loves reading blogs like takisathanassiou.com to grow his knowledge and expertise.

The immense benefits of small business blogging are clear:

SMBs with a blog generate 67% more leads and get 97% more links to their websites than their blog-less counterparts.

5-Step Blogging Guide