On this page, I have included causes I am in favor of and try to support as best as I can. Being a Greek and living in Greece I influenced a lot by the Greek Financial Crisis (check the references here and here to find more information about the crisis) in more ways than I could count for!

Many Greek people influenced as well as losing many things considered as standard in their life while they need to do whatever they can to get ends meet!

Matt Petronzio of wrote on the matter:

The country’s most vulnerable populations, such as the homeless, elderly, children and refugees, continue to face countless hardships — and they could use the world’s help.

The unemployment rate is currently 25.6% — the worst in the European Union. Families aren’t able to afford medicine, food or even funerals. Suicide rates have increased by more than 35% during the first two years of austerity programs, showing a need for more mental health services during the crisis.

An average of 1,000 refugees arrive in Greece every day, while the number of homeless people in Athens alone has topped 20,000. ( Here are the best ways to help people suffering in Greece)

For this reason, I try whenever I can to ‘pay it forward‘ and support or promote various causes and organizations I think can make an impact in the modern world or make a difference.

My focus is on causes related to training and education, to research, to poverty-fighting, environmental resource protection, and children protection and well-being!

You can find many more organizations worth your attention on this page (Health & Safety section).

At the same time, I try to support/promote various friends and associates the work of whom I value a lot and I like to see it completed!

Below you will find some causes and organizations I support. Among them, you will find some Greek ones, which aim at helping Greeks leverage their assets and find their way in a turmoil period.

Children Protection Causes

In our days it is important to do whatever you can to protect or help the children suffer around you! Here some organizations doing exactly that! Please, support!

Education Causes

Education is the key to developing a better character and a better future. I am a strong believer in the power education and training have in the lives of people. So, I try to promote organizations focusing on bringing education to the places and people did not exist!

Environmental Issues Causes

Oil might be today the strategic resource for many countries, but the water tomorrow is the one thing can be missed if we are not cautious enough. That’s why I support such activities.

Fight Poverty Causes!

Poverty is one of the major causes of imbalance in modern society impacting negatively so many parameters that influenced the modern world. Here some causes and organizations attempting to put a stop to poverty today!

Health-related Causes

Health, like poverty, is also one of the major causes of sorrow in our culture. Access to health services is limited to a very small proportion of the global population, while many people suffering from diseases which considered as obsolete in the modern world. Here are some organizations trying to cope with this imbalance!

Other Causes

There are many other causes (either private or public) I would like to help, but this is impossible.  I try to help though, people I know or associate with to achieve their goals! Here are some causes I try to support them until their successful end!

Don’t wait to have enough money, assets or resources to make huge support. Do not wait at all. Start today with everything you have, or by providing just your support.

Even small amounts, help or support can make a huge difference in numerous ways.

I urge you to act now!