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This is my personal blog and the main hub for information, data, approaches, and strategies related to productivity, and to digital business, learning and lifestyle.

This is the reason I frequently add many free resources to help people achieve their goals and get the results they want from their work and life.

The site contains many links pointing to interesting articles, books, tools, and application I find of value for my life and profession.

This is a page with some more new resources, relate to downloads of documents, files, tools and images I have developed over the years and many friends have asked me to send them over the email.

The purpose of this page is to host

It is a page on progress and it will be updated frequently with material I think can be of value to my readers.

Download Any Of These Free Resources, Tools, & Other Downloads

The ADDIE Model for Instructional Design

The ADDIE Model

Download here a PDF presenting the ADDIE model for instructional design and e-Learning. It is a useful resource of reference for all the people developing courses and e-Learning operations (more information you can find here).

Download now

The AARRR Model

Use The AARRR Model

Download here a PDF presenting the AARRR Startup Metrics Framework/Model. It is a valuable tool for marketers who want to utilize every strategy for the growth of their business.

Download now

An Action-Reference Mailbox System (Downloads)

Action – Reference Mailbox System

Download here my approach in PDF for an action-reference mailbox system can help you remove the clutter and focus on what it is important.

Download now

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