Your Business + The Power Of People = The Formula For Success

How To Win In Business, Investing In People!

In the world of modern business, it’s very easy to forget that people are the heart and soul of any successful venture. After all, many operations can actively avoid the need to ever interact directly with customers.

The Power Of People

Credit: A modern business is nothing without people. Check the power of people!

Training Millennials: 5 Things Every startup Must Know

This article has been written by Kamy Anderson. Kamy is an ed-tech enthusiast with a passion for writing on emerging technologies in the areas of corporate training and education. He is an expert in learning management system & e-learning authoring tools – currently associated with ProProfs.

Startups are built on very fragile business model foundations. While entering volatile and oversaturated markets, they need to face the pressures and challenges that each day has in store for them. Training the workforce and keeping it up-to-date with the best practices and technologies is one of those challenges, particularly with the new generations.

Training Millennials

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Five Ways You Can Improve Your Online Business Today

How can you improve your online business today? Growing your business as an entrepreneur online is a challenge, as you will face an unimaginable volume of competition. No matter which industry you are in, you need to stand out and keep on improving your offer to remain competitive.

Improve Your Online Business Today

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007: Start Business [Podcast S01EP07]

How To Start A Business And What You Should Expect!

Welcome to Season 1, Episode 7 of the Leadership Execution Podcast and thank you, everyone, for listening. In this episode, I’d like to invite you to listen a wonderful interview of 2 young people with wonderful ideas: Nick Timms & Eduarda Bardavid who are the founders of Drag, a productivity application for Gmail! Please, join the discussion!

Podcast SE01EP07 - Start Business

Increase Productivity: The Ultimate Business & Personal Approach

8 Strategies To Increase Your Overall Productivity

Is not always easy to increase productivity. To do so, you need to define correctly what productivity is to you and how to use it for your own benefit.

8 Strategies To Increase Productivity

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Simple Ways to Improve Employee Satisfaction

A business can be made or broken by the people that work in it. In the vast majority of cases, your employees are the first people your customers are going to be dealing with directly, so it stands to reason that you want them to give off the absolute best first impression possible. You can have the best, most original product at a reasonable price, but if your customers are immediately put off when they go to deal with your employees you’re not going to get very far at all.

Simple Ways to Improve Employee Satisfaction

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Simple Things Small Business Owners Can Do To Make Their Lives Easier

Operating in the small business area is not always easy! Owning a business is a challenging career and not one that everyone’s cut out for. You’re faced with juggling multiple tasks at once, making big decisions and ensuring your company succeeds. It’s no wonder you often feel overwhelmed and stressed out.

Simple Things Small Business Owners Can Do To Make Their Lives Easier

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How To Play To Your Strengths In Business

Use Your Strong Points To Succeed In Business

Starting a new business is an adventure that most don’t have the guts to do. It takes a lot of grit to push a business idea through to completion and then onto profit and you need to have a strong stomach to cope with the pitfalls of dealing in business.

006: What Makes You Special? [Podcast S01EP06]

Action After Reflection May Be The Best Policy Around!

Welcome to Season 1, Episode 6 of the Leadership Execution Podcast and thank you, everyone, for listening. In this episode, I’d like to share some thoughts on what makes me (you, us) special.  I believe everyone is a special person and has a specific role and mission to life.  These are some ideas on how to define that and what can we do to become more effective! Please, join the discussion!

Podcast Cover Post - Ep.006 - What Makes You Special?