The 15 Minute Guide To A Successful Interview

Today’s article is written by Edina Clark. Edina is a Human Resource Expert who specializes in the field of recruitment and selection. She is also British writer who offers Pay Someone To Write My Essay UK service and filmmaker best known as a fictional write.

Emotional stress is the ultimate part of any interview and therefore, one has to counter his nervousness with the utmost level of confidence. One should bombard himself with positive thoughts and expectations in order to appear confident and productive during an interview. You should also comprehend the worst possible consequence of failing an interview.

The 15 Minute Guide To A Successful Interview

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6 Ways e-Learning Enhances Productivity

Today’s featured article is written by Rayanne Dany. Rayanne works as HR Manager for TAH. She is fond of technology and finds it as an efficient way to blend with her job. In addition, she likes spending time in blogging and social media. You can interact with her on Google Plus.

Managing an employee’s productivity can indeed be a tricky task at hand. Many managers and supervisors use different tools and techniques to increase the performance of their workers. Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not.

6 Ways e-learning Enhances Productivity

Top 5 Habits To Make You Successful And How To Actually Apply Them

Today’s post is written by Aymeric Gaurat-Apellii. Aymeric is a software consultant, programmer, blogger and the Founder of Weekplan, a weekly planner web application. Read more about him here

Everyone has something to advise and talk about towards their path to success. Of course, everyone believes they have something to share which can really help individuals in any sphere of life. However making changes in your life is not the easiest things to do.

Top 5 Habits - Wake Up Early

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Staying consistent with those changes and you have successfully developed a habit. Do not get disheartened because these habits will make a change in your life steadily.

Some Bosses Never Ask For Help – Here Is Why They Are Wrong

Today’s article is written by James Pointon. James is a customer consultant and a team leader at OpenAgent, a job which taught him the value of being able to work efficiently with others. James constantly tries to improve all his skills, the leadership skills included, and is always happy to share some of his tips with others.

For some leaders out there, asking for help is a huge challenge. That is often true for those who seem capable of tackling any challenge on their own. Most of the time, they somehow don’t seem capable of asking for help.

Some bosses never ask for help

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How To Merge Social Media And SMS Marketing Campaigns To Reach More Customers

Today’s post is written by Elizabeth Lee. Elizabeth is a part of the team behind PACK & SEND, and she is deeply interested in merging different marketing channels for increased efficiency.

Are you looking for a new way to engage and convert customers on the move? SMS is your top pick. It might be surprising, but this widely known communication method is becoming a crucial part of multi-channel marketing strategies implemented by major players.

Social Media and SMS Marketing Campaigns

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How To Make Productive Sales In An Online E-commerce Business (Mobile Store)

Today’s post is written by Alice Methew. Alice, a writer at, loves pursuing excellence through writing and has a passion for different sites. Her work has been published on various sites related to Travel, Technology, Business, Management and many more!

An Online E-commerce store business is not difficult to start, but it is difficult to sustain and maintain a loyal customer base. There are different business strategies for each e-commerce business segment.

Online E-commerce Business (Mobile)

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