Secret Strategies For A New Year’s Success

A Roadmap To Your Success

A new year always brings new resolutions and decisions. This year is not an exception. Every year I try my best to provide the best results for the people I serve, while aim at my goals. As a compulsory overachiever I am, I try to make meet ends, while offer quality content and material to people needed the most.

Secret Strategies for A New Year's Success

How to be Successful? [Infographic]

Success is a must in our modern lifestyle. Everyone wants to succeed in life, to have time to spent with his family and the significant other, to have a prosperous job or simply have to time to do what’s important to him/her.

Success means a different thing to different people. It is complicated, most of the times, to define it with clarity and find out what’s best for you! But the related surveys and research have shown that in order to achieve the level of success you want to reach you need to define it with clarity!

This is exactly what trying to accomplish Carmen Jacob of developing this excellent infographic. She describes the basic keys to permit someone to reach his/her own level of success.

The “2017” Is The Tool

Design The Happy New Year You Want To Live In!

It is custom this time of the year to make a recollection of what has done and state the resolutions for the new year. Well, I will try to avoid that.  I will try to provide something more “valuable” in that process. To make (some) people reflect more deeply about their real self and their intentions in life and business!

The "2017" Is The Tool

Top 5 Habits To Make You Successful And How To Actually Apply Them

Today’s post is written by Aymeric Gaurat-Apellii. Aymeric is a software consultant, programmer, blogger and the Founder of Weekplan, a weekly planner web application. Read more about him here

Everyone has something to advise and talk about towards their path to success. Of course, everyone believes they have something to share which can really help individuals in any sphere of life. However making changes in your life is not the easiest things to do.

Top 5 Habits - Wake Up Early

Image source: Pexels

Staying consistent with those changes and you have successfully developed a habit. Do not get disheartened because these habits will make a change in your life steadily.

Productivity Is A Matter Of Attitude

As long as I remember myself, I’d always wanted to do things in the best possible way in order to have the time to do what was “really” important to me. Important for me is to have time for developing myself, to find time for casual writing, reading, painting, exercising, spend time with my wife and my family, learn more about the topics I’m focusing on, develop more quality relationships, etc.

Productivity Is A Matter Of Attitude

On Simplicity

Simplicity is not abandonment! It is what I thought when I realize more and more that I needed to do the things I used to do in a different way. Don’t get me wrong! I have a mental affection (and affiliation, along to a healthy curiosity) for complex systems, dynamical systems, fuzzy logic & engineering, swarm intelligence, chaos theory, fractals,catastrophe theory, game theory, singularities, Markov chains, behavioral economics, etc.! I still love puzzles, mental games, and challenges, but, as I move on, I found myself to try to do the things in more simple ways!

On Simplicity