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Podcast Guest

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Do you want to shape the form of things to come? Do you want to make a huge impact on the world? Do you want to contribute to the trends shaping the future of online business?

Today you can! If you are an individual or professional making a difference in your field or having a positive impact in your business then I’d like to hear about what you are doing. And, most importantly, how you are doing it!

My readers would very much interested in listening to your ideas and approaches to your field and distribute your message to a larger audience.

The Leadership Execution™ Podcast provides a forum for people across the world, making a difference in their business and at the people. I like to talk with many people about this new business ecosystem and learning from the best how they achieve the things they do.

It doesn’t matter if you are the CEO of a multimillion company, the founder of a new startup providing non-profit services to people really needed them, or a solopreneur wants to make ends meet.

You might found that there are many people in your situation, trying to solve the problems you have faced and your experience, might help them!

The Leadership Execution Podcast features interviews by recognized experts across the world as well as my insights and thoughts on what’s happening around today!

Do you want to participate? It is easy. Find all the details below!

Guidelines for the Interviewed Authors

To participate in Leadership Execution Podcast you should:

  • Be an expert or a recognized authority in your area,
  • Provide unique insights and out-of-the-box thinking about your work and life,
  • Be a thought leader in your field of expertise or an individual with a passion and a strong message to communicate across the world,
  • Be able to communicate with clarity your vision and thoughts
  • Be able to engage the audience on your vision and platform
  • be well-articulated and goal-oriented on what you have done and how
  • have a large dispersed community of readers want to promote your interview to their friends.

If you want to be a podcast guest in the Leadership Execution Podcast and meet the above specification, please check the following section.

How to Participate in the Leadership Executive Podcast As a Podcast Guest

Leadership Execution Podcast has a short life but has quite ambitious goals. Aims at providing a forum for people to discuss the new business trends, the what’s happening now and the how business can provide more value to their audiences,  while actively shaping the components and the elements would formulate the business tomorrow.

It is bound in excellence in every aspect of business and life and focuses on emerging all the disruptive trends would contribute to the future.

In order you participate, you need:

  1. To be active in a specific area of business (if not forming it) and have the skills to communicate it with clarity to the other people
  2. To have participated and contributed to similar podcasts or video interview (please include links to your previous participations)
  3. To have a knowledge of what’s going on on this site and what’s has already been featured in Leadership Initiative Podcast (in order to familiarize with the style and topics covered)
  4. To provide insights, knowledge, and skills in a short and easily replicable form.
  5. To have read the following articles to familiarize yourself with the relating processes:

If you think that you are the right person for this podcast, please contact me or fill in the appropriate form!

Describe me who you are, a brief story of what you do and what do you think you can contribute to the audience of this podcast.

Tell me what diversify your work from the other people in your field and some topics may be of interest to the audience of this podcast.

Based partly on published material and original work made by the editorial team of the PrivatePractriceStartup and the Mirasee. Thank you very much, Gentlemen and Ladies, for all your wonderful ideas, suggestions and contribution! The final composition and the ideas expressed here within are the responsibility of the author.

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