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Welcome to my products and resource page in

You will find here many books, whitepapers, courses, info-products and items which can help you achieve your goals in life and business.




Glimpses of a Changing Scenery Cover

A book for you, who want more, for your personal and professional life.

It contains selected articles from this blog, as well as many practical tips, hacks, and approaches for enhancing your skills.

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Simplicity Cover Box Book

Having a meaningful and productive life starts when you focus on what matters.

This easy-to-read book will show you why simplicity can leverage your strengths and streamline your productivity.

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#The.Business.Toolkit Package

(eBook + Bookmarks)

The Business Toolkit Cover

This is a package for the people need to know how to get things done!

It is a compilation of resources to support you at whatever you want to chase after in order to succeed.

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Towards Personal Productivity


Towards Personal Productivity Cover

This is a book focused on productivity as a way of doing what gets to be done!

It focuses on 3 main areas you need to attend in order to become more productive and effective.

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Leadership Productivity


Leadership Productivity Cover

Leadership has always had a close connection to productivity & effectiveness.

This book explored this connection and supports your efforts to become a better and more effective leader.

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Disciplines for a Startup


Underlying Disciplines for a Startup Cover

This small book revolves around basic skills should underlying a startup.

It focused on some basic skills and competencies for the wannabees startup founders.

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Build An Amazon Kindle Book


How To Build An Amazon Kindle Book

Do you know how to build an Amazon Kindle Book?

This book summarize some basic steps in the Microsoft Windows to lead you at publishing your book in Amazon.

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Why Bother Blogging?


Why bother blogging? Cover

This is a book from blogger to bloggers (for blogging & business)!

A small insight about blogging and why it should be a constant activity rather than a side project!

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The Art of Selling Online


The Art Of Selling Online 185x250

Learn the Art of Selling Online, with this comprehensive guide!

This book is a step-by-step roadmap on how you provide to your clients value beyond what they expecting to!

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Define Your Ideal Niche Market

(Free Course)


A free course for those wanting a way to define their Ideal Niche Market.

It is a step-by-step training course on how to define and exploit the most critical elements of your business.

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IM Business Models


IM Business Models Cover 216x250

This bundle will explain the 8 proven online businesses you can start today.

The bundle includes all the necessary resources & cheat sheets to help you succeed in online business.

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 Video Marketing Blueprint


Video Marketing Blueprint Cover 225x250

A bundle contains all the needed resources to use video marketing for your business.

This bundle comes with  Master Resell Rights and provide you all the necessary information on how to marketing with videos and how to generate massive leads for your business.

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WordPress 4 Basics

(Video Tutorial)

WordPress 4 Basics Cover 2

A premium video course about WordPress 4, explaining the basic features of the platform.

The video tutorial presents step-by-step all the necessary functions of the WordPress 4 as well as how to use them effectivelly to achieve your goals.

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