Recommended Books

Recommended Books

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One of the best assets in the toolkit of every serious entrepreneur, business owner, and freelancer (let alone of a consultant) is a good stack of valuable books. Some books are better than others, but every book has someone to offer you. Even an example of what a bad book is!

I am an avid reader and collector of books in every format available (paperback or digital). And I have the pleasure to write some or even to participate in the creation of others.

As an active author and writer, I have, among other sites, an active involvement in sites like Amazon and GoodReads in order to keep an eye on what going on with books!

In certain books, I have found the basic elements of many arts and crafts while other books teach me many things about the world around me and how I become a better person.

The books I have read are much to blame for the personal growth that I have achieved today, the levels I have reached, the dreams I do, the goals I set and the vision I have.

In this section, I have gathered many books I have found of much value for my life and my work. I have tried to provide a loose categorization but this particular stack is addressed to many disciplines and can solve many problems (or create many new questions to the people know how to answer them).

Please take a look and if you feel that I have omitted something important or just need to tell me a hi, just mail me!

Good reading!

Takis Athanassiou

NOTE: The books described here are affiliate links. This means that for every purchase of that item I get a small commission (without extra additional cost to you). Besides that, every book I have listed here, it is something I have read, I have appreciated the benefits it provides to my work and, for this reason. I recommend them and not for the commission I will get if you decide to purchase it from the link I provide. In any case, the decision is yours.


Blogging is a serious business today and it is one of the bullet-proof models to start a business. There are many approaches to how to be an effective blogger but most people agree that you have to do on purpose to have the results that you want. Below are some books to help you start your own blog in a concise and structured way!

Content Rules Cover


Business today is completely different from what it used to be. It is, also, a period that many business books have produced to help you cope with the many changes in the market, but very few make a difference.  Below you will find the ones I have found most useful and revealing about what business is today and how to develop a practice would make a positive impact on the world!

Glimpses of a Changing Scenery Cover

Good to Great Cover

Rework Cover

Start with Why Cover



The Coaching Habit Cover

The E-Myth Cover

The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth Cover


The Lean Startup Cover

The Personal MBA Cover


The Start-Up of You Cover

The Total Money Makeover Cover

Tools of Titans Cover


In an ever-changing social and business scenery, people tend to seek people who would provide the best possible guidance for the things coming! Leadership has the ability to map the new trends, to set visions and rally people behind noble or other causes. Leadership is pivotal today on a personal and on a business level and there are many books try to provide support on where, why and how to achieve your personal and business goals. Below you will find the books I have found most challenging!

Drive Cover

First Things First Cover

Everyone Communicates, Few Connect Cover

Strengths Based Leadership Cover

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Cover

The 8th Habit Cover


The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership Cover

Tribes Cover

Extreme Ownership Cover


Marketing is of paramount importance today in our new digital market. Good marketing strategies and tactics can make the difference of success to failure for a business. Bellow, I have collected some of the best books on the topic.

Tales of the Revolution Cover

The End of Business As Usual Cover

Influence Cover

Building a StoryBrand Cover

The Tipping Point Cover

The 1-Page Marketing Plan Cover


The Goal Cover



Personal Development

You cannot lead effectively if you do not know how to be led and who you are! It is essential today, more than ever to know what you want to do and how. The following books may help with that!

StrengthsFinder 2.0 Cover

Meditations Cover

Financial Peace Cover

The 4-Hour Workweek Cover



Life Strategies Cover

Awaken the Giant Within Cover

Simplicity Cover




Productivity and effectiveness are closely related today and the ways can help you achieve more are very important for your life and business. Here are some books can help you find the best methods, approaches, and tools not only to be more productive but to make things matter most to you!

Getting Things Done Cover

Free to Focus Cover

Your Best Just Got Better Cover

Execution Cover

Executive Stamina Cover

Flow Cover

Do It Tomorrow and Other Secrets of Time Management Cover

Deep Work Cover

Do the Work Cover



I have found strategy as a basic foundation of leadership and how to make things happen. For me achieving your goals means to have the right plan and resources to help you overcome all the obstacles and bring about the results you have envisioned. Below are some very important books to introduce you to strategic thinking!

The Art of War Cover

The Book of Five Rings Cover

The Prince Cover

On War Cover

I Have a Strategy (No You Don't) Cover

Blue Ocean Strategy, Expanded Edition Cover

Good Strategy Bad Strategy Cover

The Art of Strategy Cover

Playing to Win Cover

 Social Media

Social media today is an integral part of our lives and the way we do business. It is not only that social media help you propagate your messages more quickly and in a wider audience, but the social networks permit you to develop a loyal audience. Here are some books can help you understand better the new ecosystem od social media.

Platform Cover


Social Media 101 Cover

Trust Agents Cover

The Impact Equation Cover


Social Media Marketing Workbook Cover

Social Media Marketing Mastery 2019 Cover