Treat Morale Like Any Other Business Resource

What Are The Business Resources You Should Employ?

If you run a business, you need to be sure that you are doing whatever you can to look after your employees. How they feel about their work informs the way they behave, the amount of effort they put into their work, and how much love is in it.

Treat Morale Like Any Other Business Resource

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10+ Tips to Make Your CV Stand Out In 2018

This article has been written by Julie Higgs. Julie is a content manager and she is an amateur guest post writer. Her hobby is painting. Also, Julie is fond of traveling and yoga. Her motto is ‘Believe you can and you’re halfway there.’

Having the perfect CV is the first step to finding success and is one of the most important documents to finding the perfect job. Our economy is not doing too well in the past few years and many people are left unemployed. This is, even more, a reason to make sure that your CV does not leave you out of the loop. Your CV is the one thing that can help you become successful or end in more negative results.

10+ Tips to Make Your CV Stand Out In 2018

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What to Consider Before Starting Your Business

This article has been written by Alex Williams. Alex is a journalism graduate, and a rookie blogger trying to find her luck. Blogs are the perfect opportunity for presenting yourself to a wider audience, getting the chance to showcase your expertise and receiving recognition. She is a regular contributor at Bizzmark Blog. You can communicate with her on Facebook and on Twitter.

Starting a business is a stressful experience. You have to consider financing, market and other kinds of research, advertising, product and/or service development, company management and taking care of employees, customer relations and much, much more.

Starting Your Business

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50+ Best Marketing And Tech Blogs To Follow In 2017

Altitude Branding
June 30, 2017

Best Marketing And Tech Blogs - Altitude Branding Altitude Branding is an expert and advice blog specialized to branding for business. It has a large editorial team writing on branding issues from various business areas and providing actionable information and advice for everyone interested to develop his/her business brand in the new digital ecosystem.

Its mission is:

to assist business in “building a brand” in a digital world and making you visible and successful on a crowded web (Altitude Branding)

Recently Wendy Dessler with Altitude Branding editorial team has developed an excellent article about the 50+ Best Marketing And Tech Blogs To Follow In 2017.

I had the pleasure and honored my blog to be included in this extended list (thank you very much, Wendy and editorial team), among very prestige technological and marketing blogs like the  Seth Godin’s Blog, the Gizmodo, the Engadget, the Lifehacker, the Scobleizer, the GigaOM, the ReadWriteWeb, the Mashable, and the Wired’s Blogs to mentioned only a few.

The only thing I can say is: thank you!

If you want a comprehensive guide to help you choose which marketing and tech blog is the best for you, this is the place to go!

Competitive Advantage: It’s What Every Entrepreneur Dreams Of

4 Strategies For Gaining And Sustaining Your Competitive Advantage

It doesn’t matter what market you operate in, most industries are more saturated than ever before which means the competition you’re up against is seriously strong. With that in mind, the only way you can hope to be successful is by standing out from the crowd; it is having something that differentiates you from everyone else vying for your customers; it is having something that will make people choose you over everyone else out there.

Competitive Advantage

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4 Ways to Plan the Growth of Your Business

The Best Approaches To Design Your Business Next Steps

Are you the owner of a small business? Are you hoping to grow your business in the coming years? Do you want to make sure that your company has what it takes to thrive in a competitive market? If so, you will need to keep reading.

4 Ways to Plan the Growth of Your Business

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It’s All Mobile: The Future Of Retail Payments

How Mobile Payments Change The Retail Commerce

Have you ever noticed that the older generation tend to carry more cash in their wallets than the younger generation? Of course, that’s partly because they have more money, in general, a lot of the time, but it goes further than that.

Mobile Payments

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How to Claim Your Piece of the $400+ Billion Weight Loss Pie with Affiliate Marketing

Today’s article is written by Matt Papas. Matt worked as a biology researcher in the academia until 2010. He has had much success as an affiliate marketer since then, building various websites that help people learn how to improve their health. Lodlois is a site where Matt provides information about various weight loss programs.

While we have recovered from the global financial crisis of 2008 and the markets have stabilized, the recession changed how we manage our money. According to a survey from Fidelity, American families are saving much more now than before, they are reducing debt, and they are building an emergency fund. But there is one thing Americans, and other people around the world, are opening their wallets for Weight loss products.

Αffiliate weight loss programs promotion

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