Why Taking Your Business Online Is Vital

Taking your business online is a challenge. It’s different to how your business runs in real life. There is so much more to take into account, but so much potential to take advantage of. It can be an absolute game-changer in the long run. Not only is the internet the future, but it has a proven past and present. Now is the time to start utilizing it to benefit you.

Why Taking Your Business Online Is Vital

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Dominate The Web Like A Spider

All new online entrepreneurs should want to beat the competition and dominate in their marketplace. That is how you will make the highest profits and take your firm to the next level. However, reaching that point when you don’t have much experience can seem impossible.

Dominate The Web Like A Spider

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In most instances, you won’t know where to start, and so you need some expert advice. While you usually have to pay for guidance from business experts, you’re getting it for free today. So, make sure you don’t overlook the information in this article.

How To Merge Social Media And SMS Marketing Campaigns To Reach More Customers

Today’s post is written by Elizabeth Lee. Elizabeth is a part of the team behind PACK & SEND, and she is deeply interested in merging different marketing channels for increased efficiency.

Are you looking for a new way to engage and convert customers on the move? SMS is your top pick. It might be surprising, but this widely known communication method is becoming a crucial part of multi-channel marketing strategies implemented by major players.

Social Media and SMS Marketing Campaigns

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The Small Biz Owner’s 5-Step Blogging Guide: Small Business Blogging That Google And Readers Love

Today’s post is contributed by Richard Kao. Richard is the department manager of COSSales, a UK-based office, and tech solutions provider. A fan of digital marketing and workplace productivity, he loves reading blogs like takisathanassiou.com to grow his knowledge and expertise.

The immense benefits of small business blogging are clear:

SMBs with a blog generate 67% more leads and get 97% more links to their websites than their blog-less counterparts.

5-Step Blogging Guide

The Unseen Importance Of Organization In Business

Is your business well organized? We’re not just talking about keeping your files and data stored in a way that makes them easy to manage here. We mean that your entire office environment should have a high level of organization embedded in your business model. There are plenty of unseen advantages of running a company in this way. Let’s look at a few so that you can understand why you should start spending more time on the organization in your business right now.

Organization In Business

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6 Things You Can Do To Instantly Improve Your Online Reputation

It’s important to establish the difference between an offline and an online reputation. Your business needs to separate the two, as they really don’t have much bearing on each other. The work you do in the local community to become a respected business is one thing, but the online world is a very different marketplace. If you hope to succeed there, you’re going to need to adopt different tactics.

So, let’s take a look at six things you can do today to boost your online reputation a little further.

Improve Your Online Reputation

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