How to Win a Tough Negotiation: Strategies and Tactics

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The surrounding reality is now always benevolent, especially when it comes to relationships in business. Entrepreneurship is always about interpersonal interaction and negotiations, and to get the most out of it; you should be not just a good orator but also psychologist.

How to Win a Tough Negotiation

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Business Velocity: Tips To Keep Your Company “Up To Speed”

For you, your employees, and your business, the goal is simple: more customers = more revenue = more traffic = more money. That may be a little too on the nose, but that is really what we need. Every startup, every SME, every Nike, McDonalds or Apple needs to generate more custom so it can continue to innovate and drive traffic to the websites, so products are purchased.

Business Velocity - Tips To Keep Your Company Up To Speed

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It’s All Connected In Marketing

If you only understand one trait of a successful marketing campaign, know that it should all be connected. Before we get into what this means, we need to look at the different parts of a marketing campaign, and for this purpose, we’re going to focus mainly on online forms of marketing.

User Experience Is The New Branding Strategy

User experience designers have said it for years; you are only one bad user experience away from a PR catastrophe. The reason for this is that web visitors – or users as they are referred to by designers – consider that the way they navigate your website to find information, to pay, to get in touch with your business and to order or book – depending on the offering you have – is an integral part of your branding strategy.

User Experience Is The New Branding Strategy

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How to Convert Instagram Followers to Clients

Lukas Kneip Today’s post is written by Lukas Kneip. Lukas is the proprietor of serval customer portals and online shops, including also an agency that helps companies building their social media presence. But in contrast to other agencies, they only real fans, who are won by using ads. Before this time, Lukas was worked as a freelancer at and helped people to build their online businesses by doing their social media marketing. The knowledge on how to become successful as a freelancer on the internet, he has written down in a book. Besides of that Lukas is working as a personal trainer and health coach as a passionate hobby.

Instagram is a perfect social media platform to market and sell your products. Due to the popularity of this platform and steadily growing user numbers, which also include entrepreneurs from all sectors, your brand and your products reach more people in your target group than with a commercial on TV or advertising in the middle of the city center.

How to Convert Instagram Followers to Clients

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How Your Business Can Participate In The Sharing Economy

Today’s article is written by Emma Lewis. Emma is a loving mother, a devoted wife and a part of the team supporting Spacer – a company helping you find storage space whenever you need it.

If you’re running a business, you probably have your eyes open for opportunities for growth.

The sharing economy might be just the thing you’re looking for. Even if it’s a young field, the sharing economy is a fast growing industry today. Some areas even report the growth to $26 billion – as in the case of peer-to-peer rental.

How your business can participate in the sharing economy

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