3 Big Reasons Why Self-Discipline Is The Best Skill An Entrepreneur Can Develop

Today’s post is contributed by Richard Kao. Richard is the department manager of COSSales, a UK-based office, and tech solutions provider. A fan of digital marketing and workplace productivity, he loves reading blogs like takisathanassiou.com to grow his knowledge and expertise.

We admire the genius of Steve Jobs, the athleticism of Lebron James, and the business acumen of Jeff Bezos. But do you know the common denominator among the most successful people?

All of them are disciplined.

Self-Discipline Is The Best Skill For An Entrepreneur

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Why Is Simplicity A Winning Strategy?

Strategies & Tactics To Lead A More Effective Life

This is the exact question I make to myself when I finish writing my article on simplicity. I’d like to provide value to my audience, and my article ‘On Simplicity‘ raised a lot of questions. To respond properly I had to research more on the subject!

Why Is Simplicity A Winning Strategy?

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How To Climb The Ladder Of Your Own Business

A lot of people with ambition and direction in their career understand that there is a certain level of climbing the corporate ladder to get to the top. Starting out as a junior and working hard to get through promotion after promotion is just the way things are in the business world. How then, do you climb the ladder of your own business, when you are already at the top of the chain?

How To Climb The Ladder Of Your Own Business

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Your Number One Job: Make Your Customer’s Life A Dream

As businesses, we all try to provide solutions for our customers’ biggest problems and challenges. It’s our aim to make their lives easier, either through offering them a product or selling them a service. Why, then, when a business has an impressive solution that everyone needs, are so many of them seemingly intent on making the process of buying or finding out information so difficult?

Make Your Customer's Life A Dream

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Reaching The Next Level – 6 Easy Ways To Boost Profits

When you start a new business, you often have dreams of it turning into an international corporation. You want to expand overseas and make so much money that you can retire early. However, many new entrepreneurs have no idea how to make that happen.

Boost Profits

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