Your Most Important Team Member: Your Technology

It is all too tempting to think of yourself as your company’s most useful team member. Below you, it is whoever’s picture is hanging below the ‘Employee of the Month’ award. And then somewhere down the line, it’s the company dog. Yet actually, virtually all of these breathing organisms, including you, could be replaced, or at least the company would be able to get by if any of them took a break for a few weeks.

Your Most Important Team Member Your Technology

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What You Need To Know About Modern SEO

For some time, a lot of entrepreneurs saw SEO as some kind of inaccessible wizardry. With the sheer amount of buzz around this subject in popular business journals and convoluted marketing guides, it can be a pretty overwhelming subject for any business owner to tackle.

What You Need To Know About Modern SEO

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Don’t Neglect the Importance of IT in Your Business

Computers and software go hand-in-hand when it comes to our businesses. While most companies have started to set up huge complex systems to manage everything from finances to staff meetings, smaller companies have fallen behind due to the increasing costs of setting up a professional IT system to manage your business.

However, IT does above and beyond what a regular user sees in the workplace. When people think IT, they think of computers, keyboards, mice, software and maybe networking. While it’s true that IT does encompass these things, it’s barely breaking the surface when you consider how deep IT systems are rooted in the business industry.

IT in Your Business

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Ecommerce and E-Communication: Two Tools That Go Together

If you opt to go down the route of running a business of any sort, it comes with a certain amount of risk. After all, it’s the uncertainty of getting the next paycheck, the next client, and so on. When it comes to running an online business, ecommerce, there are additional security worries, the concern of finding the right customer and will the business stay afloat when there are many other bigger and smaller businesses fighting for their piece of the pie?

Ecommerce and E-Communication

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