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You cannot do it all alone! It was one of the first things I learn in the corporate world and it was a valuable lesson to treasure it since.

Nobody can do everything by his/her own and this is the reason why the successful entrepreneurs, business owners, and consultants focused on what they do best, delegating and outsourcing everything else to the right people (for more productive strategies, please check on The Productive Self e-Book).

Successful businessmen are those can shape and maintain loyal networks of affiliates and supporters around their brand, agency, products, services, etc. transforming thus their clients to loyal fans.

Besides you only need just 1000 true fans to be successful today!

Why I Am Developing A Network Of Affiliates Today

Until now, I haven’t given too much thought in developing an affiliation network around the things I do. But this has changed recently when I have witnessed the power of the affiliates in the launching of a new product I participated in (as an affiliate, of course! You can check my disclosures page to have a quick look at the products, services, and courses I promote!)

I always tried to promote my brand and my messages alone (with the aid of trusted associates and using various automated tools) but today this seems not to be enough anymore. The competition is simply too high and rarely you have the time to spend on launching a full-fledged promotion of a product or service.

I didn’t do that bad, but I need new ways to disseminate my messages and help people to achieve their goals.

So I needed help.  A large amount of help to help me disseminate my messages more effectively across the globe. That’s why I decide to start developing a network of affiliates to my goals and objectives (and give people the opportunity to make some money expressing their support to my brand).

I am thinking for a long time how to do it in the best way, i.e. in a way that would be easy for the interested ones to participate in the process and at the same time would bring the major impact.

My goal is, as always, to provide to you the maximum value from my site, my products and my community (besides just of a strict affiliation translated in money) and for this reason, I came up with a new model of support and interaction in which the traditional affiliation scheme (which exists of course) is just one part!

First of all, I’d like to thank you for your support and your encouragement all these years. It is important for me to know that my work has some type of impact on your life and work. And I’d like to thank you for all your support in my products and the things I am working on.

I believe the affiliations programs that will introduce to you, will help us (you and me) to provide value to the lives and works of the people around us.

I strongly believe that our joint efforts can help people start a digital business and make it grow by providing constant value and a positive impact on its clients.

This is the reason I have also developed a focused launch group, the Takis Athanassiou Launch Group.

It is a group of people wants to participate and review my new books, courses, programs, etc. It is a free (but closed) group of people, working on a pro bono base, who can preview much of my work, comment or provide feedback and promote my new launces.

Proposed Affiliation Program

To start with developing my affiliate network I offer commissions for the products I host in Gumroad site. Affiliations for other products will be followed soon as I develop them.

To participate in this effort (and to ALL consequent product affiliations may be developed later for this site or other sites) you first need to read carefully the Proposed Affiliate Agreement and if you agreed to those guidelines to proceed by filling in this form.

These are the first steps and as far as Gumroad concerns the whole procedure is described here!

More specific instructions for affiliations in different sites will communicate due time to the people expressed interest in becoming affiliates.

Below you will find a list of products & services for which I offer an affiliation commission.

Leadership Productivity [eBook]

Leadership Productivity Cover Image


About the Book: Leadership productivity is an ebook for people want to manage their life and become more productive in what they do. It covers productivity schemes and how they can be integrated into your everyday workflow.

Audience: Anyone who wants to lead his/her life and become more effective.

Price: $9.99

Commission: 40%

Learn more about the Leadership Productivity affiliation program: Apply Now (more information for affiliation in Gumroad is provided here!)

Towards Personal Productivity [eBook]

Towards Personal Productivity Intro Image

About the Book: Towards Personal Productivity is an ebook for people want to do more with the resources they have. It covers various concepts, approaches, systems, and tools can help you become more productive in your personal and professional life.

Audience: Anyone who wants to become more effective.

Price: $9.99

Commission: 40%

Learn more about the Towards Personal Productivity affiliation program: Apply Now (more information for affiliation in Gumroad is provided here!)

Other Affiliate Opportunities You Can Cash Out Today!

Besides my own affiliation programs, there are many opportunities out there you can exploit and cash out today. To become an affiliate in a program or service you use all the time and trust is a matter of integrity and style.

To persuade or influence other people about the merits of this product or service is marketing. More specifically affiliation marketing.

Many people have made fortunes from affiliation marketing and if you search a little deeper on the web you can find many successful case studies on how you can achieve the best results.

For me is much simpler. I only recommend products, services, books, courses, etc. I have used and love! As I am a producer of services and products I am also a consumer and for some people and products I am also a great fan.

You can find more about my affiliations on my disclosures page, but here you can find some networks, affiliation programs and information you can use right away.

Here my list of valuable resources you can use to start building some side income!

Affiliate Networks

In this section, you will find some affiliate networks you can use to find products in your niche you can promote. I have selected the best ones according to my opinion and experience.

Affiliate Programs of Value

Bellow, you can find some of the best affiliate programs to select from (this is a work in progress!). Most of them I have used personally (and still using it!)

Affiliate Information

Below I have collected some resources and references that can help you clarify many things about affiliate marketing, learn how to do it effectively and evaluate the affiliate programs.