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What’s the Qbserve is and what can do for me?

Qbserve by QotoQot is a leading automatic time tracker for Mac which can boost up your productivity in no time and locate your productivity leaks before becoming a too much a problem!

Because we believe in productivity and focus on the important things, we give away 5 Qbserve licenses for free, to 5 random people would participate in our competition.

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Get a FREE online course on “How To Define Your Ideal Niche Market”

Great News: Last night I finish up my new free course “Define Your Ideal Niche Market” and upload it on Coursmos. The course is focused on some main business concepts like market, niche market, products/services, value proposition, customers, etc. and aims at providing you a solid foundation for developing your business.

The course is based on concepts researched here and based on the interaction and the discussions I had with my readers. There was a necessity for some more information on the subject, nor just as information but as a small roadmap could help people to clarify further their ideas for business. This is the reason this course developed.

This short video tutorial follows a simple step-by-step approach and it is addressed to anyone want to learn some more things about business and startups. It is structured in 4 main video sections supported by core activities which can help you draw the correct conclusions for you and your business.

You can subscribe to the course Now >>

Do you want to help others & make money? Check this webinar!

Do you want to help other people and make some money on the process? It the answer is yes, then you should attend the new “Help Others. Make Money” webinar by Chris Brogan!

The webinar will cover many topics about building online courses, such as how to:

  • develop an online course
  • package your ideas
  • move gradually from idea to course
  • marketing your course
  • technical considerations

and many other topics.

In this webinar, Chris will be accompanied by Chris Lema and together they try to clarify many subjects related to how you can help other people by developing online courses!

A webinar, you should, definitely, attend (or if you are unable to attend, you can always check the event, later – there would be a recording)!

See you there!

You Want to Do Better Freelance Work? Check the New Course of Seth Godin!

One of the major assets of every entrepreneur work today is his or her ability to adapt to the new market conditions and to the demands of his/her clients! This is not always easy and demands a lot of work, both on the personal and the professional level, in order anyone to be ready to match adequately the challenges of today business!

This is truer, on the area of freelancing, because a freelancer should be more agile and adaptable to the current business conditions in order to reassure his/her business survivability!

A key ingredient in this goals, to be ready someone to respond effectively to the new market conditions, is the personal discipline and the constant training!

This is the problem, tries to solve the new course developed by Seth Godin for freelancers! Seth Godin is not your average type entrepreneur or trainer! He is an innovative thinker, marketer, blogger, author and entrepreneur with very large impact at the “mechanics” of the new business environment! And he is one of those talented few, can provide you with an easy and comprehensible manner the basic ingredients of the new business field!

For this reason, this new course for any freelancer wants to become better in his or her work and work effectively in the area!

I am, certainly, going to attend it! I hope I see you there!

Please check it at Udemy (affiliate link)!

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas 2014

I would like to wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I hope this season would be calm, joyful, prosperous with your family, friends and the people you love!

My best wishes for growth, success and prosperity in your personal and professional life!