Brand Authority Box Cover

Brand Authority

Developing a memorable brand is not easy! Especially today in an international environment with fierce economic competition. But it is doable if you know how! Even more so if you are planning to develop an online business.

Think of all the elements that make a brand a success today and think what makes them stand out. Think a little bit about Google, Microsoft, Apple, Nike, Adidas, Amazon, Facebook, Airbnb, eBay, to mention only a few!

Yes! It is their brand. It is what you associate with their brand, products, and services the thing that not only makes them memorable but also a success.

This is what this book is all about. To help you to find the exact steps to gaining trust & authority in the market using the power of branding!

The Brand Authority package is a collection of resources to help you develop a memorable brand!

Inside the package you will find:

  • The Brand Authority Guide
  • A Point-By-Point Checklist
  • A Resource Cheat Sheet, and
  • A detailed Mindmap

This is an essential guide for everyone who wants to make his/her business a success, and stand out from his/her competition.

Get your copy, today, and start building an incredible brand people will remember!

Blog Αuthority Cover

Blog Authority

Discover How To Start Your Very Own Blog For Profit And Build a Raving Community of Blog Readers.

Blogging is not an easy craft. It needs knowledge, skills, passion, and … dedication. But most of all it needs commitment, planning, and passion to become a successful blogger and develop a business out of this practice.

Blogging is not an ‘overnight success‘. It takes time in order to find your niche market, to develop a community of supporters and fans and time to keep on providing value and services to the people you choose to serve,

Bloggers like Pat Flynn, Michael Hyatt, Tim Ferriss, Chris Brogan, Jon Saddington, Danny Iny, and Christopher S. Penn (to mention only a few, more here) worked for a long time to establish authority, credibility, and trust while providing all that time content and resources of value to their audience.

And in all that time they should keep on learning all the necessary knowledge they needed in order to achieve their business and blogging goals.

I know the difficulties of blogging because I am blogging form more than 10 years now (either in the corporate world or in my personal space) and I am fully aware of the difficulties someone needs to cope with! Difficulties can be elevated if you have a compass to help you focus on the things that would help you achieve your blogging objectives.

A compass, like the Blog Authority package, is. Blog Authority os a strategic roadmap, and a simple step-by-step guide on how to blog for profit and build a raving community for everyone!

Get it now and start developing a unique blogging style along with a profitable blogging practice.

High Ticket Authority Box

High Ticket Authority

Do you know how to create, package and sell your own high ticket course or product and attract high paying clients?

It is a difficult task in the modern digital economy and for this reason, you need all the available help you can get!

Help like the High Ticket Authority Package which can help you decide what do you want to develop, and how to market it more effectively to your niche market.

The HTA package is a package of strategic resources that can help modern entrepreneurs and business owners to succeed in their business goals.

Get it today and make a difference!

Why They Buy Cover

WHY THEY BUY (Leaders Press, 2018)

Business has changed a lot in our days. New technologies, new tools, innovative products, services, and solution. But one thing has remained constant: the way you sell things and satisfy the needs of the people you are serving!

The art of selling is not something you can learn in the college or in university. It is rather a combination of knowledge, expertise, skills, and synchronization which distilled through time and make you a better salesperson.

Of course, there are approaches and methodologies of how to become a better salesperson. Like Solution Selling which is used by many modern organization today (for the solution selling methodology you can read more information here, here and here)!

Rarely though came across a down-to-earth and comprehensive approach about the art of selling as the one described in the new book of David Fuess‘ “Why They Buy: A Bulletproof Method to Closing Any Sale“.

The book is a comprehensive guide for how to sell by understanding human nature and motivation. And it is a guide not just for the professionals of sales operations. It is a book for everyone wants to sell something.

Because we sell all the time. We sell our self, our brand, our agency, our products, our services, our solutions! and it is a craft needs a lot of effort to master and a lot of work to make it effortlessly and naturally.

That’s why it is so important this book. Because as the book of Anthony Iannarino “The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need” this book aims at providing you the insights and the foundation of what is a good – and effective – sales practice.

The Why They Buy is a book describes what it is today come to known as the Fuess Method in sales (a name derived by its originator).

In short, the Fuess Method:

is a way of planting the seed of an idea in your mind through a series of questions that lead you to a logical outcome — and one that you wouldn’t propose if you didn’t think it was a good idea anyway. It’s a unique way of having you take the credit for making your own decision.

It is a methodology derived by many classical sales approaches using concepts and constructs trying to filter all these approaches and methodologies to an easy to-go sales approach.

The book contains an excellent rationale and real-world case studies to demonstrate the Fuess Method and how to implement it across various industries and business sections.

This book is very important if you want to:

  • understand what the art of selling is today;
  • comprehend how to develop trust and treat your clients as friends;
  • help the people you serve to understand better their why and how;
  • know how to sell effectively even though you don’t know your prospects;
  • help people gain clarity on their decision process;
  • build rapport with the people you serve and make them fans of your brand for life;
  • deliver your ideas in a way that help people understand them better and help them decide better for your products/services;
  • make a better set of questions to help your clients understand better what you do and how;

In conclusion, the book “Why They Buy: A Bulletproof Method to Closing Any Sale” is an excellent guide for any person wants to sell anything.

I recommend it as a valuable, and indispensable, in addition to your sales and marketing toolbox. Read it and make your sales process much more effective than it is today!

B.S., Incorporated Cover

B.S., Incorporated (Wise Ink Creative Publishing, 2016)

I have a thing about good stories. And I have a thing about good books. When these two “things” coincide, the result is always astounding!

This happens to me, this summer when a new copy of B.S. Incorporated hit my mailbox.

Having miles behinds me in the corporate business I found the things described in the book not only amusing but important as well.


SZEN ZONE: Reaching a State of Positive Change (Finger Touch Books, 2015)

We live in a complex world, today, a world, sometimes makes you forget about important things. Things like yourself, your family, your time, your dreams and your future.

That’s why we need something to constantly reminds us, that “this is not just it“. Something like a good book in the tradition of the inspirational stories helps us remember what is important in your life.

The Coaching Habit Cover

The Coaching Habit (Box of Crayons Press (February 29, 2016))

I am a consultant and coach. I try to live up to my fullest capabilities and I strive to provide the same, or even best capabilities/opportunities, to the people I associate with! I try (and strive) to channel their resources to the services of their dreams, by providing the systems, the processes, and the means to achieve their goals.

How many times you need to help a person getting out of a difficult spot, but it seems very difficult? How many times you genuinely try to help someone, just to realize that that either you were unable or he/she cannot understand or he/she was unable to listen? Well, if you are a consultant or a coach, I would bet that the last time it was a time too many.

Check this book, and this post, to find out more! The Coaching Habit is a book, you need to read! Again!

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