B.S., Incorporated Cover

B.S., Incorporated (Wise Ink Creative Publishing, 2016)

I have a thing about good stories. And I have a thing about good books. When these two “things” coincide, the result is always astounding!

This happens to me, this summer when a new copy of B.S. Incorporated hit my mailbox.

Having miles behinds me in the corporate business I found the things described in the book not only amusing but important as well.

Jennifer Rock and Michael Voss, the authors of B.S. Incorporated have managed to accumulate in a funny and totally entertaining book a ton of insights about how business really works, many MBA programs would envy!

Technically speaking, B.S. Incorporated is a work of fiction. But the authors developed a central story theme around which they weaved many important side stories about what makes a business tick! They describe “moments” and instances with such a humor and clarity only the time and the experience can give.

The story is simple. A business (Business Solutions Incorporated) in distress, a CEO in his world, some self-proclaimed consultants in the rescue, a reluctant hero (a warehouse-worker-turned-white-collar-employee) and a corporate mercenary to his aid and a lot of problems drive business to the brink of bankruptcy, create the background of this wonderful story. But this is just the surface because the book is not just for your amusement.

The B.S. Incorporated has many things more to tell you, following the classic recipe of a good storytelling. Not only amuse you and make you laugh but tell you something more, about yourself and your life (or your business).

Jennifer Rock and Michael Voss had able experience about what they talk about. They have worked for and with many successful companies until developing their own firm and as the book demonstrates, they both have a passion for good storytelling.

You should take the time and read this book. It will make you see your business differently and maybe will give you one or two ideas on what you should change before it is too late.

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