Finding The Right Message

Finding The Right Message (2016)

Once a while is published a book can really provide you with the best in the field actionable tips for doing your business. There are many excellent books on marketing and copywriting field which can help you articulate the suitable message for your prospects and clients! There are also, excellent books in the field can help you understand what really your clients want! But there are very few can cover with clarity the both sides of the topic at the degree this particular book of Jennifer Havice does!

The Finding the Right Message is one of the rare books trying to capture in detail and in simple terms the whole picture of communication of a brand to its clients. As Jennifer states this book is addressed to:

every small business owner who wants to stop guessing which messages will turn prospects into customers online but has no idea where to start!

Jennifer is an ideal person to make you stop guessing and direct you to find out what are the correct messages for your brand in relation to your clients and your niche market and more importantly, how to construct them! Jennifer is an experienced conversion-centered copywriter who has consulted many companies on how to develop the right message for their brands and their clients.

This book is the result of this work and it comprise a valuable roadmap and guide:

to get you started on the road to finding out what your ideal customers care most about.

Moreover, with this book, Jennifer’s goal is:

to help you communicate more effectively with the people coming to your website who are most likely to buy, so you can sell more.

This is the key point of the book and Jennifer has constructed a very detail and simple roadmap to get you there!

The book is structured in 3 Parts and 9 different chapters! More specifically:

  • Part I: Getting Your Voice of Customer Research
    • Chapter 1: Understanding Your Customers’ Why
    • Chapter 2: Asking the Right Questions
  • Part II: Analyzing the Research
    • Chapter 3: How to Do Customer Research without the Customers
    • Chapter 4: Tapping into Your Research
    • Chapter 5: Determining Your Key Messages for Those Ideal Buyers
  • Part III: Applying What You’ve Learned to Your Website Copy
    • Chapter 6: It’s Time to Talk About You
    • Chapter 7: Nailing Down Your Value Proposition
    • Chapter 8: Tying Together Your Features and Benefits
    • Chapter 9: Closing Thoughts

Jennifer provides various templates which will help you to research and analyze your client’s requirements and to develop your own right message for your niche market!

As a general this book is a must read for every entrepreneur, small business owner, and marketer! I highly recommend it as a basic field guide, operation manual, and reference textbook!

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