Gateless eBook


Personal development is a constant discipline and takes a lot of time. To know how you are going to develop yourself is one of the main survival skills today! Usually, you start from yourself and try to see your strengths and limitation in relation to your main life’s goals, your values and your core principles!

Personal growth though is not an easy venture. You need to clear many things about your musts and wants and to find efficient strategies and ways to support you in your journey! And one of the main things you need in order to achieve your goals are resources (money, time and energy included!).

Resources are anything and everything help you achieve your objectives! And one crucial resource for developing yourself is the constant learning of new strategies, knowledge, skills, how-tos, ideas, approaches, hacks and tips that would lead you more effective to your chosen path!

Gateless is a book about personal development and resources! It is an excellent book, written by two excellent authors,  Sebastian Marshall & Kai Zau, wishing to clarify difficult theoretical concepts and provide a simple roadmap and a model for the achievement of everyone’s goals!

An excellent reading and a must read for all the people dealing with leadership, strategy, effectiveness and personal growth topics!

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