The Suitacase Entrepreneur

The Suitcase Entrepreneur: Create freedom in business and adventure in life (Tonawhai Press; 1 edition, 2013)

Natalie Sisson is a blogger, speaker and entrepreneur in the niche market of building and running a business from everywhere while you can live the lifestyle you want. I have to admit, that I’m a great fun of Natalie, from her first steps in blogging, and I’m fascinated by her ideas and her drive towards achieving more freedom for her business and life. Natalie says that is not only possible but quite feasible as well and propagates her message and ideas via various channels and places around the globe!

Natalie is a great evangelist, and a solid example, of living and working effectively from any place in the world and a great advocate of the nomad lifestyle! With her writings, her blog and her podcast, provides, with great clarity and in simple terms, all the ideas that can support you in developing more freedom in your life.

Her book “The Suitcase Entrepreneur: Create freedom in business and adventure in life.” is an excellent guide for her ideas, and focused on how anyone can create more freedom in his/her life and business.

The book focuses on critical factors of creating a new lifestyle and business, as:

  • How to develop a new online business
  • How to run your business from your laptop and smartphone
  • How to assemble, market and sell your expertise and knowledge in an effective way without remain bind in a specific place
  • How to travel more effectively
  • How to use more effectively online tools and application in a way that would provide you more margins and freedom in your personal and professional life

The Suitcase Entrepreneur“, is an excellent reading not only about the new models of working and online business in out modern economy, but also a valuable road-map of a person actually claimed and achieved her freedom via those ideas and practices. Furthermore, this book is a coherent resource guide for the assets, skills, mindset and tools you may need in your course of archiving your objectives!

In total, a must-read book for every new entrepreneur and agent in out new business environment!

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