Interesting Blogs

There are many blogs around to help you to what you do or you want to do and crystallize your thoughts on your goals and how to achieve them.

Blogs today serve as the forefront of the new trends and map many of the currents of the new economy. …

The blog’s selection has been based on the following criteria:

  • usability
  • friendliness
  • the value provided to the readers
  • posting frequency
  • constant values of the authors
  • reach
  • audience
  • useful and practical approaches, tips, hacks
  • SEO optimization
  • Traffic
  • Subscribers

Below, you can find the best blogs according to my opinion. 

I hope you would enjoy them!

Blogs Worth Your Attention

These are the blogs can help you grow as a person and as an entrepreneur and the ones I am reading almost daily. I find many of these to provide a lot of information and resources that help me achieve my daily and overall objectives. 

These blogs have been selected according to the value they offer to their readers, their usefulness and their validity and I highly recommended them.

  • Andrew Chen. Andrew Chen is a general partner at Andreessen Horowitz, a Silicon Valley venture capital firm, where he invests in consumer startups. His blog is an excellent resource for online business and startups and a place to visit if you want to succeed in business today!
  • Anne Samoilov. Anne is one of the best persons around to help you with launching and growing your business. She provides too much value to her readers giving information and insights about how to achieve your goals.
  • BILL ZIPP – Helping Executive Leaders Accelerate Business Growth. A blog focused on sales and how to excel in the field. Bill is aiming at training the salespeople at achieving their business goals. An excellent resource for marketing and sales.
  • Blogging Your Passion. One of the best blogs around about blogging and how to get profit out of it! It was founded by Jonathan Milligan in early 2011 and still offers the best advice and suggestions for bloggers and online entrepreneurs.
  • Carol Roth – Tough Love for Business. One of the best resources for small businesses. Carol Roth is an American radio host, television personality, bestselling author and investor who provides valuable ideas and insights about how to run your small business today.
  • Chris Brogan. One of the best marketers and persons around to gain insights and information about marketing and business today. It is a site you should spend some time around!
  • Chris Ducker – Startup and Small ‘New Business’ Strategies for Entrepreneurs | Business Blogging. Chris is an entrepreneur focused on virtual entrepreneurship. His blog provides valuable ideas and approaches for “personal brand entrepreneurs”. One of the best resources for virtual business!
  • Chris Guillebeau – The Art of Non-Conformity. Chris is a person shares ideas and thoughts about the modern digital economy and how to make a living out of it. His blog is focused on developing your unique lifestyle and make a living out of it. A must-read!
  • Christopher S. Penn. One of the best blogs for data marketing and for learning marketing and sales in general. Christopher is excellent in sharing his insight and knowledge about data and elaborates on the latest approaches, tools, and techniques in the area.
  • Content Marketing Tools and Training | Copyblogger. Copyblogger is one of the oldest marketing-focused blogs and one of the best sites for learning content marketing. As stated “since January 2006, Copyblogger has been teaching people how to create killer online content. Not bland corporate crap created to fill up a company webpage. Valuable information that attracts attention, drives traffic, and builds your business.” A place to visit for sure if you are really interested in content and online marketing.
  • Daily Blog Tips. An excellent resource for help and support about blogging today. It covers all the aspects of modern blogging and provides valuable help for anyone wants to become serious about blogging and business.
  • Duct Tape Marketing. One of the best and oldest marketing-focused blogs around. The blog is founded by John Jantsch and it is focused mainly on marketing consulting providing information, resources, and course for small businesses.
  • DROdio – A Sanctuary for Founders and Entrepreneurs. A blog focused on entrepreneurship and startups. Very good insights for business owners.
  • Duarte Blog (slide:ology). A blog providing resources, training, and tips for developing persuasive presentations. It is the virtual home base of Mark and Nancy Duarte with a long and proven record in the presentation area.
  • e-Learning Industry – The leading e-learning portal. eLearning Industry is the largest online community of eLearning professionals in the industry and a unique place for information, resources, and approaches to e-Learning.
  • intrepridNOW. They claim to be “the Netflix for business people”. It features interviews, business series, and articles from all of our columnists around the world.
  • Ivan Mazour. A personal blog for entrepreneurship thinking and acting. Ivan provides excellent insights and thoughts about how to do business today!
  • Jeanine Blackwell. A consultant who can help you to create and launch profitable online courses. Excellent insights and ideas.
  • Joel Comm. Joel is a serial entrepreneur and online business developer, New York Times Best-selling author of 14 books, keynote speaker, social media strategist & live video marketing expert. In his blog, he provides many ideas and approaches for the modern economy and online business.
  • John Saddington. One of my favorite places for insights about startups, online business, and blogging. John is an excellent person “trying to win the internet” and provides valuable personal insights into the course. A must stop!
  • kate{mats} | my thoughts on technology, management and life in general. An excellent blog about management, technology, and new trends. Kate is wonderful in explaining technical issues in simple words.
  • KillerStartups – Where Internet Entrepreneurs Are The Stars. A blog about startup businesses and ventures. Must check on it if you are in the process of launching a startup or operate one!
  • Marketing Strategies for the Small Business Owner – Psychotactics Article Blog. One different marketing blog with many insights and advice about consumer’s behavior in the online world. Worth your attention!
  • Michael Hyatt. One of the best resources for leadership, personal development, and productivity. Michael is a superb storyteller and an excellent marketer developing a side project to one of the fastest-growing businesses in the USA today. Must read!
  • Mirasee. The place to learn how to develop income through influence. This is the home-based of Danny Iny and an excellent resource on information, methodologies, and approaches related to marketing, online learning, and course development. It is a blog I highly recommend it for the knowledge workers and course developers!
  • Passive Income: The Smart Passive Income Blog. One of the best (if not the best one) resources for online business and side income generation. Patt Flynn presents his ideas and his testing on how to gain money online and how to make your hobby a full-time job. Must read!
  • ProBlogger – Blog Tips to Help You Make Money Blogging. The best one-stop resource for everything about blogging. ProBlogger is founded in 2004 by Darren Rowse and it is one of the best places to find information and approaches for making money with blogging. Excellent site!
  • Social Triggers. One of the best blogs for internet marketing and business. A must follow!
  • The Jason Womack Company. The blog of Jason Womack, one of the best resources for productivity, business and effectiveness.
  • Traffic Generation Cafe. A blog founded by Ana Hoffman and one of the best resources for online business. Ana has developed a blog in which she shares all her strategies and tactics about making business on the internet. A place to visit for sure!
  • The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss. One of the best blogs around for business and new enterprises. Tim has the unique ability to popularize hard subjects into palatable chunks and serve them in a way that is at the same time unique and informative. One of my favorite blogs around!

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