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Leadership: Compass

Leadership is not about command and control, as many people believe. Nor about imposing to other people things they do not want to do!

It about envisioning a better future and selecting your course of action in order to make it happen.  Leadership is also about integrity, grit, raw-modeling, planning, evolution, adaptability, progress, innovation, and deliver on your promises.

That’s why is not always an easy discipline; nor a happy one! The path of leadership is a solitude discipline which concerns and related only to YOU.

In this section I have collected several leadership articles I have found very useful in various situations. Some of these articles have helped me to clarify my goals and change my actions, when that was necessary, while others shed light on things I have not paid attention to!

In this assembly besides the leadership articles, I have collected, I have included articles on personal development, on productivity and effectiveness, because I believe that a competent leader is the one who constantly learning and evolving while remaining productive and efficient. And this requires a lot of work, planning, and commitment.

If you want to read more about my view on these topics you can check my articles on leadership, on personal growth, and on productivity!

The Leadership Approach To Fulfilling Your Vision

Leadership is an important factor in any aspect of your life. It is not just another skill in your business toolkit but a way of life. Below you will find some articles about leadership that can help you form a better understanding of leadership influence in your business and professional life.

Personal Development & Growth To Become The Person You Want To Be

It is not easy to remain calm and focused on an information overload environment or in today’s frantic way of living. Personal commitment and professional requirements can derail you from what matters most to you and lead you away from the path you have envisioned for yourself. Here are some articles can help you become a better person and a better professional for you, for your friends, for your associates, and for your family.

Productivity & Effectiveness To Achieve Your Goals & Objectives

Productivity and Effectiveness should be a major chapter in the life of every intelligent person, entrepreneur, freelancer or a business owner. Read here some articles on how to become more productive and effective in your business and in your life.