Moving Towards a Culture of Excellence

December 17, 2015

Moving Towards a Culture of ExcellenceOne of the most persistent topics in leadership literature is the impact of a culture of excellence at the decisions and actions of some people.

Everybody knows (or believe that they know) what a culture is, but very few people can express it in everyday terms and even fewer people can use it in a way that can provide value not only for themselves but for many people around them.

The trick question is how to develop a culture of excellence can engage and foster leaders in all levels of life and business! Leadership is a discipline and it needs focus, purpose, a long time nourishment and the right conditions to grow in a way that can make any significant difference int he world.

As Aristotle express it:

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.

It is not always easy to move towards a culture of excellence. It needs commitment, long time grooming and solid foundations. This is the main objective of this post I wrote in AboutLeaders site.

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