FotoJet Free Online Photo Editor

Fotojet [not an affiliate link] is a new “kid on the block” of online photo tools and an excellent one. Fotojet is a free online photo editor you can use effectively for many of your photo projects!

It is simple, intuitive, web based and designed specifically for the development of photo collages, of photo cards and of posters.

And did I mention that it is free? No! Well, it is and you can use it for making beautiful collages and other photo projects you might interest in or just for exercise your creativity using and combining various visual elements!

Fotojet can be used very easily via a friendly interface (you can also consult the easy to follow the tutorial or the resource section if there is something you might need more help).

FotoJet Environement

To develop a collage, card or poster in Fotojet you can follow the following simple steps:

  1. Select the design you like from a list of available designs for collages, posters, cards, etc.
  2. Add your photos from your computer or Facebook to the design you have selected adjust them to your liking, add, modify change the text to reflect your thoughts (or delete it completely), set up and adjust all the elements to the places you think they will make the maximum impact, and voila, your collage or poster or card is ready! and
  3. When you would have finished your photo, you can save your creation to your computer (in .jpg or .png format) and/or share it with your friends in Facebook.

Fotojet can be used creatively for many photo projects when you want to develop collages, cards and posters from your photos and share it with your family or friends. For a demonstration of its capabilities, check the available samples to see what you can develop with Fotojet!

It is a tool worth your attention!

Check it and write your impressions, here!

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