Fotor – Online Photo Editor

Fotor - Online Photo Editor

Fotor is a new online photo editor and graphic designer with many unique features.

There are many online photo tools and graphic designers Round, most of them free, freemium or at fairly low prices. But most of them do not combine the power provided by Fotor.

If you check around you can find tools like:

Fotor though does not belong to this category. It is a professional class application can match the capabilities of Photoshop and compared with applications such as Canva, or PicMonkey.

In particular, Fotor provides:

  • Photo editing capabilities,

  • Graphic designing,

  • Photo enhancement and beautification ( via many available filters)

  • All the necessary tools required today match with many ready-made templates, and

  • Many tutorials

And many more features to ease the work even for professional photo designers.

It is a valid and worthy alternative to the many tools there are around today and a serious candidate for the amateur as well as the professional designer.

Take a look at Fotor, and tell me what do you think?

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