Learn To Raise $100K Crowdfunding Course

I have discussed earlier crowdfunding when I introduce you the book: Crowdfunding Checklist: How To Raise Money for A Best-Selling Kickstarter in 90 Days by Johnathan Leow.

Crowdfunding is a business decision based on people invest on other people! It is one of the new financial schemes permitting new entrepreneurs to financing their projects and companies!

This time, Johnathan Leow move a little bit further and develop an entire course at Udemy about the subject! The course is the “Learn To Raise $100K Crowdfunding” and aims at covering all the aspects of crowdfunding, while it provides the best tools, case studies, and practices to permit you exercise its premises in real-world situations!

If you are an entrepreneur, business person, startup founders/marketers, freelancer or just someone working in a non-profit organization and wants to raise funds for his/her objectives, then this is the course for you!

Just check it out and write your opinion about the course!

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