The Definitive Guide to Online Gaming Privacy & Safety

An interesting guide dealing with the privacy and safety aspects of the online gaming sector.

It covers issues as:

  • The rise of video games and online gaming. with millions of active online players (and 2.4 billion more casual mobile gamers) – and how this medium has become a hotbed for cybercrime and cyber attacks.
  • Eye-opening facts and statistics about online gaming privacy. Did you know that around 77 million accounts on the PlayStation Network were hacked in 2011? and in 2014 as many as 70% of South Korea’s population (aged between 15 and 65) had their data stolen in some form – in part due to online gaming?
  • The most common forms of cyberattacks that online gamers are at risk of, including gaming malware, in-game ransomware, keyloggers (password stealers), so-called ‘power-up’ scams, and phishing campaigns – all designed to steal personal data including banking and financial details.
  • Practical and useful tips and advice to avoid being a victim of cyber attacks and staying safe whilst playing games online. We also include tips for parents whose kids play online, including monitoring your kids’ online activities, the apps and games they install and discussing with your children about the use of digital boundaries.

Excellent reading!

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