Outline – A New Notebook Candidate for OS X

A new note-taking application has emerged for the OS X platform and iPad! Its name is Outline for Mac (not an affiliate link)!


Notes play a major role in today personal and professional life! I use notes for many things. To scribe ideas and things-to-do, to remember somethings, to put for incubation other subjects, to develop to-do lists and tasks, to organize, etc. With notes, you can do a lot of things and use them for different reasons!

The Outline is a new note-taking application for the OS X platform. It is an application fully integrated to OS X system, using the advanced features, extensions, and services of the OS X operating system.

The Outline is a flexible editor for Mac and iPad you can use for various note-taking tasks! You can use Outline for personal and professional notes while you can organize them into their appropriate notebooks. Outline permits a flexible organization (via notebooks, sections, and pages) you can use to manage, review and process the sum of your tasks seamlessly, effortlessly and efficiently.

The Outline provides drag-and-drop facilities and supports internal (within notebooks) linking and external web linking along with a powerful editor, able to facilitate you in every editing and authoring task you have to accomplish!

The editor permits free layout (you can use any place to write your notes) and supports both simple and complex note structures! You can use in your notes images, pictures, tables, numbered or bulleted lists, check-boxes, attachments, printouts, and tags to help you make your notes more visible, clear and visual appealing.

The Outline provides advanced encryption functions for every note you insert it into it while it keeps a local storage for maximum data protection.

Furthermore, Outline can sync and backup via popular cloud storage services as Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, and iCloud Drive. Finally, it is fair to say, that the Outline is compatible with Microsoft OneNote, something that is a big plus for all the people having invested heavily on OneNote!

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