Top 25 Leadership Blogs for Small Businesses

MP Star Financial Blog
February 8, 2017

Top 25 Leadership Blogs for Small BusinessesMP Star Financial, Inc. is a company working with a range of businesses and organizations to provide the cash flow management solutions they need to operate and grow.

In its annual review of the “Top 25 Leadership Blogs for Small Businesses“, MP Star Financial included this blog as one of the top influencing leadership blogs, among blogs as the  Lead from WithinTanveer Naseer’s BlogLeading in ContextMichael Nichols, and Lead Grow Develop (to mention only a few).

To all the editorial team of MP Star Financial blog, I’d like to express that I am honored and to thank them for such a distinction!

Thank you so much. My sincere gratitude to all my readers and to my growing community making this happens.

Top 40 Personal Development and Leadership Blogs

Coupon Machine Blog
JUNE 27, 2016

Top 40 Personal Development and Leadership Blogs

Excellent news: I have to be included in the top 40 blogs for personal development and leadership. The list has been compiled by the team running the Coupon Machine Blog after a long survey of many similar blogs and sites.

According to the editorial of the post for the “Top 40 Personal Development and Leadership Blogs” the:

“blogs in this list are the best of the best, the articles are written by experts in the matter of self-improvement and leadership. These experts are the best in their respective fields, and the improvement techniques and ways of thinking that they share are testimonials of their own experiences, and it doesn’t surprise in the least that they are followed by millions of people”.

The “Top 40 Personal Development and Leadership Blogs” list contains 40 of the most influential bloggers on leadership and personal development field, including the blogs of authors, entrepreneurs, mentors, influencers, and organizations as:

to mention only a few in random selection (check the whole list here)!

The introduction the post’s editor made for me and my blog is an excellent one (thank you very much Nikitha). It introduces me as following:

Takis Athanassiou is an e-Business & e-Learning consultant who writes about building a meaningful life. His blog posts are very personalized and focus on how to use your own strengths to become better at every aspect of life, and succeed in every field you choose. His ideas about personal development are astounding and groundbreaking. Follow him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to find out more about him.

I am deeply honored to be included in a such a high esteemed list among such distinguished names.

My deep and sincere thank you to my readers and to the editorial team of  Coupon Machine Blog.

Thank you all.


#The.Business.Toolkit Package [Standard Edition]

The.Business.Toolkit Package Cover What would you do when you need resources or reference for something you have to do or write? How do you manage the references you need for your job when you have to use them in order to do something?

Most people make a bookmark in the browser they use for the articles or posts find of interest and have it stored for future reference. Other people use specialize applications to have a centralized catalog of resources  the need for business, hobby or leisure.

There are many ways, of course. The most common (and widespread) ways and applications for having a web resource for future reference are:

I have a long collection of references (selected and collected after 23+ years of work in IT sector) I use for my work  and still with all the tools provided by modern technology (like the Chrome add-on application called Holmes which help you to search within) your bookmarks had trouble to select the best ones for the occasions at hand.

This is the reason I developed #The.Business.Toolkit Package [Standard Edition]. I originally develop it as a file to help me filter many resources I found of value all over the web. The file grows up to cover my current interests and topics I need resources for and updated by the respected bookmarks to help readers to incorporate them into their daily browser activities.

#The.Business.Toolkit Package [Standard Edition] is a zip package containing a book (in PDF format) with organized resources and applications I using for my work as well as the respected bookmarks mentioned in the book.  It is a premium package at a very low price in order many people can benefit from the resources it contains.

I hope it proved useful to you!

If you like it, please let a note in the comment section.

The Top 100 Socially-Shared Leadership Blogs Of 2015

Center for Management & Organization Effectiveness

Top 100 Socially-Shared Leadership blog CMOE is an international agent, helping its clients to become more productive and effective in their pursuit for achieving their goals!One of its most notable activities, related to leadership blogging is its annual review for the top socially shared leadership blogs!

One of its most notable activities, related to leadership blogging is its annual review for the top socially shared leadership blogs! Every January, CMOE evaluates the top leadership blogs on the internet on the base of: “the total number of social-shares that each blog gets during the year prior“, selecting the top 100 Socially-Shared Leadership Blogs!

This year it was my second-time entry in a row (I had the rare privilege and honor, CMOE to include my blog in its 2014 top leadership blog list) to enter the CMOE’s list for the top leadership blogs on the internet. And for that I am deeply thankful!

Given this opportunity, I would like to thank publicly the editor team of CMOE for the honor they made me! But most of all, I would like to thank YOU (my readers, the Leadership Initiative Community, and the numerous anonymous and named users) for making it possible.

I have only one thing to say: Thank you!

71 Free Online Courses and Tutorials You Haven’t Tried Before

Easy Mama
Nov 9th 2015

Here is an interactive infographic presenting a lot free online courses and tutorials (71 Free Online Courses and Tutorials to be exact).

the infographic provides sources for many subject domains as:

  • Programming and Design
  • Business and Marketing
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Math and Physical Science
  • Life Sciences and Health
  • Personal Development
  • Lifestyle

Please check it and review it! It is a valuable resource for anyone wants to expand his/her knowledge base!

Moving Towards a Culture of Excellence

December 17, 2015

Moving Towards a Culture of ExcellenceOne of the most persistent topics in leadership literature is the impact of a culture of excellence at the decisions and actions of some people.

Everybody knows (or believe that they know) what a culture is, but very few people can express it in everyday terms and even fewer people can use it in a way that can provide value not only for themselves but for many people around them.

The trick question is how to develop a culture of excellence can engage and foster leaders in all levels of life and business! Leadership is a discipline and it needs focus, purpose, a long time nourishment and the right conditions to grow in a way that can make any significant difference int he world.

As Aristotle express it:

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.

It is not always easy to move towards a culture of excellence. It needs commitment, long time grooming and solid foundations. This is the main objective of this post I wrote in AboutLeaders site.

Please check the post, review it and send me your comments here!


FotoJet Free Online Photo Editor

Fotojet [not an affiliate link] is a new “kid on the block” of online photo tools and an excellent one. Fotojet is a free online photo editor you can use effectively for many of your photo projects!

It is simple, intuitive, web based and designed specifically for the development of photo collages, of photo cards and of posters.

And did I mention that it is free? No! Well, it is and you can use it for making beautiful collages and other photo projects you might interest in or just for exercise your creativity using and combining various visual elements!

Fotojet can be used very easily via a friendly interface (you can also consult the easy to follow the tutorial or the resource section if there is something you might need more help).

FotoJet Environement

To develop a collage, card or poster in Fotojet you can follow the following simple steps:

  1. Select the design you like from a list of available designs for collages, posters, cards, etc.
  2. Add your photos from your computer or Facebook to the design you have selected adjust them to your liking, add, modify change the text to reflect your thoughts (or delete it completely), set up and adjust all the elements to the places you think they will make the maximum impact, and voila, your collage or poster or card is ready! and
  3. When you would have finished your photo, you can save your creation to your computer (in .jpg or .png format) and/or share it with your friends in Facebook.

Fotojet can be used creatively for many photo projects when you want to develop collages, cards and posters from your photos and share it with your family or friends. For a demonstration of its capabilities, check the available samples to see what you can develop with Fotojet!

It is a tool worth your attention!

Check it and write your impressions, here!