Slack (not an affiliate link!) is one of the tools can help you solve many of the obstacles you face when working with remote teams! I’m always in the look for bright & smart tools that can ease and improve the way I work. In the past few years, I have tested several of them on different projects (either my projects or projects I have participated in), but I have not quite decide yet, which one is the best! Slack certainly is a serious nominee for this position!

Slack is a new team communication and collaboration tool with many advanced features, to help you do your tasks more effectively done! I use it for communication and collaboration work in some of my projects, especially the ones involved people who come from distance locations.

It is a very easy to learn and intuitive tool with great design and excellent interface can be operated efficiently by anyone.

Slack can permit you the uninterrupted process of your workflow and provides all the necessary tools needed for communicating and collaborating with your team. It offers a simple user interface, email, instant messaging & file sharing capabilities, channels, rich content, full search facilities and integration with many services (as Dropbox, Google Drive, Twitter, RSS, etc.)

Slack can be used as an effective virtual workplace for all the members of you distributed (or not!) team working on a specific project while provides an ergonomic environment that can enhance your productivity.

You can see some of its functionality at the following video:

Check it out and see what Slack can do for you and your business!

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