There is a close connection between leadership and goals. A leader should be able to mobilize and engage people, to provide cohesion, to set goals and to monitor their result. This is an challenge, Workboard (not an affiliate), tries to respond effectively!


Workboard is a collaboration application designed for team work and provides many unique features, can support individual and group work! At the same time is a goal achievement enabling application, helping on the effective alignation and coordination of shared goals, activities, feedback and reports.

You can check some basic capabilities of Workboard, at the following video:

Workboard provides Dashboards, support materials, and communication within an easily adoptable and learnable environment that streamlines the performance of the teams. The Workboard provides:

  • Management enabling functions
  • Different Roles
  • Document & Issue management
  • Sharing goal settings
  • Task management
  • List facilities
  • Integrated team communication
  • Tracking, scorecards and reporting facilities
  • Progress Indication
  • Team Feedback on specific issues
  • Time tracking
  • Metrics
  • Web and Mobile access

and many more!

If you are in search for a team collaboration tool for your small business, with embedded mechanisms for making the Leader’s life easier, perhaps you should take a look at Workboard!

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