XMind (not an affiliate link) is a mature tool for mind mapping. Mind Mapping is a visual way for organizing information, an excellent option for manage the modern information overload.

The technique of mind mapping have been developed by Tony Buzan and it is proved very useful during the last years for the collection, organization and processing of data and information.

For a quick “How to Mind Map“, you can check this excellent free webinar on How to Mind Map (the webinar was recorded on Oct 8th, 2012 by Matt Tanguay at Fluent Brain. Matt is CEO & Chief Visual Facilitator at Fluent Brain).

XMind, supports many types of types of diagrams and techniques such as Mind Maps, Fishbone Chart, Matrix, Brainstorming, Gantt view, etc., while it operates in various platforms (currently XMind supports Windows, Mac OS X and Linux versions).  It has many features, make it a real value productivity tools for many day-to-day personal and business operations.

XMind can be used effectively for mind mapping, brainstorming, project management, flow-charting, blogging, social media, marketing, preparation of meetings or presentations, draw of organization charts, monthly or weekly plan, task and activities management, etc

In total, a valuable tool, necessary to your toolbox!


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