Yammer (not an affiliate link!) is a new breed of enterprise social network, that can serve effectively small business, large companies and enterprises alike!

It is a collaborative tool can be used to bridge together a remote group of people working on the same (or different!) projects!

Here’s a small introduction of¬†Yammer:

Yammer is based on group networking principles and provides a constant connection with co-workers, associates, data of value and conversations took place and (might) interested you the most.

Yammer provides:

  • private & secure network,
  • collaboration & group tools (chat, private or public groups, etc.),
  • knowledge sharing and dissemination,
  • document collaboration,
  • organized inbox,
  • discovery features on the group level
  • integration with mainstream services,
  • portability and usage across various platforms (web, IOS, Android, etc.)
  • connection with various business applications
  • easy network administration (including branding, user management, and easy deployment)
  • advanced features of safety and data security

In total, Yammer is a tool worth to check it! Take a look and see if you can use it for managing your collaborative/group requirements!

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