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Marketing Articles, Case Studies & Tools
Marketing is an important operation in today business and marketing strategy a basic asset for leveraging the advantages of a company in the market.

Sometimes bad marketing can create huge problems for a company, jeopardize its position in the market.

It is important for marketing as basic business operation and as practice to operate in an optimal way by multiplying the impact of its messages and the influence of the company on many prospects and clients.

The importance of the marketing operation has been demonstrated by the huge volume of articles focused on this discipline and the approaches have been employed to validate its results.

For this reason, I have developed this small directory of marketing articles, trying to collect and have in a single place approaches, case studies and references can help me in my job.

This collection covers many marketing categories (ranging from classical marketing to digital marketing, copywriting and social media) trying to emphasize the importance of marketing today and provide a more coherent view of the marketing today!

Copywriting And Other Hidden Marketing Stories

Copywriting today is a skill and a practice can multiply the effects of a good marketing campaign many times over and provide exceptional audience and user conversion. Find some articles below, to help you clarify why!

How To Develop A Content To Drive Your Business Growth

Have you heard the old saying that “content is the king“? Perhaps is not entirely true but it is true enough. Especially today, where content plays a major part in every business operation. Check the marketing articles below to find out why content marketing is so important today.

List Building For Developing A Devoted Audience And Enhance Sales Conversion

The money is in the list” it was something I’ve heard frequently when I start building my subscribers list. I hadn’t the experience to understand why, but today I can assure you that mail marketing is one of the strongest forms of marketing available.  You need a small but devoted audience of people to follow you and listen to your messages in order to develop a successful platform and a successful online business. Read below why!

Marketing For Success

The marketing is a multi-disciplined operation aiming at making prospects and clients to choose your agency, brand, product or service over your competitors. But is not so simple as it may first appear. It has many methods, levels, means, and usages which you need to know well in order to apply the best approach to your situation. Below you will find some of the best marketing articles I have ever read.

The New Social Media Ecosystem And How To Succeed There

Social media is a must today and especially so for business. Every small, medium or large business should have a social media presence in order to promote better its objectives and messages to an internationalized audience. Furthermore, social media permit a company to receive valuable and promote input about certain products/services, something which can help a firm to improve its product line. Some marketing articles related to social media are listed below.

What Is SEM-SEO And How To Use It In Your Business

It is a fact today, that if Google doesn’t know you don’t exist (as a business). This shows the tremendous importance your online presence has and the importance of search engines for your success. At this level comes the SEM-SEO (Search Engine MarketingSearch Engine Optimization) to help you promote better your business or agency. See the marketing articles below to understand better the importance of SEM-SEO (and the difference between them) for today business and how to use it to your benefit.