The Secret Of Focus

There is a secret in focus? The focus is a rare commodity in today’s personal attention “market”. You, literally, bombarded by thousands if not millions of stimuli per minute, seeking for your attention. It is a modern art to know how to select and focus on what’s important for YOU!

The Secret Of Focus

The Burden Of Selection

Why making a selection is so difficult? And why are so difficult to narrow down your selections, to fewer, but better and efficient options? You have taught that an abundance of choices is the base for the freedom of choice (and that of the will)! But, most of the times, the too many choices, can create you a much greater psychological problem. The one that may lead you directly to a problematic, poor or non-selection at all! And, in many situations, your inability of taking solid decisions in certain situations, can create you a lot of troubles!

The Burden of Selection

Do It Now Principle As The Key To Life Success

This is a guest post by Paul Smith. He is a professional writer and in this post focus on the Do, It Now principle.

People are always excited about success. Successful people draw our attention, we want to follow them, we want to know the way they acted to get this success. There are lots of rules, daily habits or ways of thinking they could practice before reaching the top. But I’m sure that there’s one thing, one key principle they all used, sometimes even not realizing it.

Do It Now!

The 5W+1H of Productivity

The 5W+1H productivity formula is a small shorthand that permits us to evaluate a given task or action from a productivity point of view. This scheme consists of a number of questions whose answer would provide us with all the necessary information and data for research or for evaluation of an action.

The 5W+1H Productivity Formula

Time Management in a New Era

Time management does have nothing to do with time! But it has a lot of doing with priorities.

But, how we define time management, today, and what different our interpretation has towards, similar, other “explanations“? It is only a matter of interpretation or a matter of the focus, that lead us to a different approach today. And if so, why we need something “different“?

Time Management Today