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Online Learning Articles, Case Studies, Courses & ToolsOnline learning or e-Learning is a relatively new approach with a huge impact in the modern economy.

I have worked more than 23 years in the field with many roles and I can tell you with certainty how demanding and competitive is! But I can also assure you that a suitable course or a proper e-Learning procedure can leverage the advantages of an agency and multiply its competitive advantages.

In a market many people want more skills, competencies, and knowledge to cope with modern technology and processes of an internationalized operation of a firm, online learning provides reliable resources for efficient and impromptu training.

Training-on-demand is not a new requirement but it is an old dream, today can be achieved by the methods tools and processes of the modern e-learning and distance learning! Below you can find the best online learning articles and resources to help you understand, employ and, why not, start working in the field.

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