A Leadership Fable

We like to tell stories! Stories, give a more coherent framework to understand a situation or a subject. A story provides, time reference, location, rhythm, coherence, heroes, villains, minions, and a thousand small details, that develop a whole world, in the mind of the listeners. That’s why it is important to say and listen to stories. Here another one, about leadership! I hope you will enjoy it!

A Leadership Fable

How To Value Time

5 Tips To Learn How To Value Time

This is a guest post by Linda Rossi, a creative writer for a writing services. Linda is a passionate writer that dreams of publishing her own book in the near future. In this post, she provides some very valuable insights about the value of time!

The endless saying that:

Time is Gold……

Value Time

The Burden Of Selection

Why making a selection is so difficult? And why are so difficult to narrow down your selections, to fewer, but better and efficient options? You have taught that an abundance of choices is the base for the freedom of choice (and that of the will)! But, most of the times, the too many choices, can create you a much greater psychological problem. The one that may lead you directly to a problematic, poor or non-selection at all! And, in many situations, your inability of taking solid decisions in certain situations, can create you a lot of troubles!

The Burden of Selection

On Personal Boundaries – How To Set Your Personal Limits

In our frenzy way of life, it is important for you, today, to set your personal boundaries. Setting your personal boundaries, in a clear, straightforward and unquestionable manner, is a way for you to protect yourself from the requirements of other people (including family, friends, co-workers, business associates, partners, etc). It is also, a personal responsibility and commitment to the things you want to do (in your life and for your life and the life of other people)!

Personal Boundaries

On Accountability

Accountability has a pivotal role in our culture and society. Today, in our modern and complex life, it is important for you to realize that you and only you, you are accountable for your actions or omissions. Moreover, you have to realize that you are responsible for the sum of all your actions (small or large, intended or unintended) in your course of life. It is an attitude in life that is not easily implemented. But worth the effort for its acquirement!

Personal Accountability

Kendo, Flow & Productivity

A long time ago, when I was young, besides my efficiency and productivity endeavors[!], I had the opportunity to involve with and study various martial arts, both from a physical as well as from a philosophical and a historical point of view. Even though never I have the time (or the ambition, for that matter) to reach to a belt, or go ahead to a higher level, I get some valuable lessons, that I use them later in my life, on various occasions.

Kendo, Flow & Productivity

Strategy vs. Tactics – How To Use Them Effectively?

Bring Better Results With The Proper Strategy

Strategy and Tactics are common denominators in business, society, relationships, etc, signify the importance of these concepts in our every day, short- and long-term activities.

Strategy vs. Tactics

Strategy vs. Tactics

Most of the times, these concepts are confused with the result most people to use them with very limited results. Sun Tzu, argues, that:

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

The strategy is a resource and a tool, that, we, all, unanimously agreed, that should be used, more today, by people and organizations, for bringing better results. But it is not. And it is often confused with the tactics employed for achieving a certain situation. It seems that there is a tag war between strategy vs. tactics, leaving, always, short the strategy side of the equation.

On Strategy: What Is Exactly Strategy? (And What It Is Not!)

Have you ever consider, what strategy is? We hear all the time about strategy by many official and unofficial channels. The strategy is one of those basic concepts (as Leadership, Productivity, Personal Development, etc. is) for personal, social and business development, people usually, use it wrong, and often for the wrong reasons. But why there is such a confusion about what strategy is, since it is such important components in our modern way of thinking? And why it is so difficult to define what strategy is?

What Exactly Is Strategy

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