Free Space For Your Thoughts

Declutter Your Mind To Focus On The Things Really Matter

Sometimes, there is a necessity to free space for important things to crawl in. There are times, that I found myself baffled, trying to cope with many different tasks and activities drive me to different directions, and, usually, try to juggle too many things at once. But this is impossible, of course, because very time and energy consuming to this task, and usually, without any result.
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What Is Time Management or Time Gained And Re-Gained?

What is time management and why we need to answer the “time for what” question? Time management is a common denominator in a plethora of books in the modern literature trying to establish the specifics and the premises of various working schemes that would ease or support the gaining of more time.

What it Time Management?

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A New Economic Model – Some Thoughts

Europe nowadays, and Greece, in particular, faces a complex economic challenge, sporting a lot of problems in everyday life. This “crisis” is the result both of structural problems, embedded in European Economies, and of a colossal lack of leadership on behalf of most Governmental bodies.
New Economic Model

Who Are You Going To Be In 5 Years?

Who are you going to be in 5 years? This is the million dollar (or Euros !!!) question. And is a tricky one, loaded with a lot of connotations, alluring you, the most times, to a more easy, more dreamy state of existence in which you become the hero of your life, solving just-in-hand complex problems and situations, becoming a limitless omnipotent creature, capable of succeeding in every situation.

Who Are You Going To Be In 5 Years?

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