Sites, Resources & Products of Value!

During my work, I have found many valuable resources I’d like to share with you.

Sites Directory

Image by 200 Degrees from Pixabay

For this reason, I have developed this page to collect the best sites and resources I have used repeatedly.

This small directory contains sites, guides, resources, and products I have checked on and trust! They provide a lot of value and can help you solve many problems.

Please take a look!

Accelerators, Incubators, and Sites for Startups and New Business

In this section, you will find sites related to startups and new business operations. This section focused, basically, to provide information about accelerators and incubators that can help or accelerate your startup efforts.

Graphics & Web Design

Below you will find sites and links related to graphics and web design. It proved useful to me, many times over!


In this section, you will find some guides can help you set things in motion or advance your business to the next level! Read and study them carefully, since some of them can mark the difference between failure or success.

Health & Safety

Below you will find some interesting sites related to health and safety issues. Some of these sites belong to organizations with a very active presence in health, habits, and addiction management issues. You can always support them!


In this section, you will find links for some newsletters I believe of value for you or your operations!

Sites of Interest

In this section, I have collected some sites of interest and value!