Do you know what a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is?  Actually in:

product development, the minimum viable product (MVP) is a product with just enough features to gather validated learning about the product and its continued development. (WikipediaMinimum viable product)

This is the focus of this excellent deck about MVP with the title “The 1 Week Minimum Viable Product (MVP)” developed by Alexis Roqué.

Read it, and check if the insights and concepts of Alexis can help you at your own work.

Do you need to change re-brand your company, but you don’t know how? Do you believe that branding is an easy case for anyone to do it? Do you think value creation can compensate for the lack of your visibility in the market? Or do you believe that you should hire an image maker or a brand specialist to develop organically a better brand for your company?

Whatever, though, you would believe, the fact is that brand is a very important factor today for the business competitiveness and its visibility in the market. You see, brand:

is a set of marketing and communication methods that help to distinguish a company from competitors and create a lasting impression in the minds of customers. (Wikipedia: Brand)

To do that efficiently, a small business owner or an entrepreneur has 3 prime solutions:

  1. To hire and expert and let him/her do all the work, or
  2. Assigning it to his/her marketing team and let them do the job with his/her assistance, or
  3. Selecting a mixed solution involving him/herself, his/her marketing team and a team of experts.

In any case, though, the choice should be hers or his. And his/her target should be the value creation towards the niche market in which the company operates.

The owner or the entrepreneur should be in the loop and should have an opinion about his/her company’s brand.  This is the reason why small business owners or/and entrepreneurs should study all the relevant concepts and form an educated opinion about what he/she is needed for his/her company.

This is the purpose of this deck. The Art & Science of Value Creation: 3 Traits of Great Value-creators is a small presentation by Jeremiah Gardner worth reading it. Jeremiah is an author, keynote speaker, and lean innovation catalyst aiming at changing the way people thinking about branding.

Do you want more value creation for your brand and company? Would you like to re-think the basic concept of the branding process? Check this presentation and reflect on the concepts covered by Jeremiah in relation to your company.

Action Item: As you reviewing this deck, grab a notepad and a pencil and write down the things more interested you in relation to your company status. Filter the result and develop a small task list for the things you find more easily to implemented and would provide more value to your company. When you finish the reading, add some notes or remarks to the comment section.

Instructional design is one of the core components of modern e-Learning approach! It involves a lot of things, procedures, systems and, among other skills, excellent writing skills and strategies to produce and deliver the required result!

In an e-Learning experience, the output should always lead the learner into learning the required skills and/or knowledge. This is not always easy and you need to employ suitable strategies to deliver the results need to be achieved by the learner(s)! Exactly on this base of reference is structured this excellent presentation.

The presentation has been developed by the company Learning Pool Ltd [not an affiliation link] and aims at providing ideas, resources and approaches can help you deliver effective instructional  designs!

A must see for any instructional designer and e-Learning expert!


Business models are essential for a business. Its selection and employment can help to the survival of a business or not! In this presentation, Rod King describes and presents the differences between the Business Model Canvas, the Lean Canvas, the One-Page Lean Startup.

Check here a comparative analysis among the most popular business models and write us your thoughts!

An excellent presentation by ELIV8 Group. It focuses on the various leadership lessons you can learn by Guy Kawasaki.

Guy Kawasaki is one of the most prominent figures of the digital world, a prolific author and an entrepreneur with a lot of achievement under his belt! This presentation explains and demonstrates some key leadership traits, according to Guy Kawasaki.

The “3 Powerful Leadership Lessons from Guy Kawasaki” is an excellent reading for every leader and entrepreneur! A must read!

Check it and return here to share your thoughts!

How to Amplify the Human Digital Channel is a presentation by Chris Brogan on how you can develop an online presence and how to use more constructively your media resources.

A must read by a skillful storyteller! Check it and write back your thoughts, here!