Personal productivity is a must for any leader today and the road to achieve the results you want is not always linear. Most of the time is a bulky one and involves too many backs and forths.

Everyone has its one workflow and mindset, his/her preferred systems and tools and above all its special requirements in relation to what he or her wants to achieve. You need to define what you want and what results do you want to get, in order to become more productive in what you do!

But the focus is not to do more in the same time. From a leadership point of view (and from a personal one), the point is to do what would bring the results you want with the minimum effort while you are doing what matter most to you.

This is the point of this strategic guide and this is the reason of why I wrote it. To have a comprehensive blueprint on how to achieve your personal and business goals, using proven models, systems, and tools that would help you bring the results you want.

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