E-Learning today, plays an important role in personal and professional development. It is an approach that can deliver results and for this reason it is exploited in large scale by many companies and institutions today! e-Learning is not just systems, but systems play a major role in the learning process bringing together the facilitators, the coaches, the teachers, the learners with the learning materials and the required resources.

One major component of e-Learning is the synchronous learning which it the closest digital analogous of a classic face-to-face class on the Internet.  Synchronous Learning can assume many forms such as remote presentations, online real-time courses, virtual classrooms, webinars, etc. and it is very effective in delivering and evaluating the required skills and knowledge!

Today, everybody can lead or present to a virtual classroom and it is a very useful skill, especially withing the remote working procedures and the virtual teams many people working in! This is the reason, why this video is very important!

The suggested video, was developed by Facilidator LLC. and in this video,  Claudia Dornbusch (COO and Director of Client Services of Facilidator) presents very eloquently the how and why of delivering an engaging Virtual Classroom presentation. Claudia also, show you some tips and tricks on how you can do it more effectively.  Enjoy!

Action Item: Just check it out and send me your thoughts on the virtual classroom presentations and whether or not you can exploit these recommendations!

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