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The Latest Book Of Takis Athanassiou

Simplicity: Exploring the path of least resistance

Having a meaningful and productive life starts when you focus on what matters



This Book Explains: The Top Reasons Simplicity is a winning strategy today

If you could define a more simple way of living without left behind what’s matters to you, would you embrace it?

This easy-to-read book will show you why simplicity can leverage your strengths and streamline your productivity.

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[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]If you could define a more simple way of living without left behind what matters to you, would you embrace it?

Simplicity is a demand by many people today, living and working in an over-complicated world.

Modern societies and economies develop too much stress and information overload while influencing the people in various ways.

People today are feeling alienated, and modern conditions drive them to live without goals or a compass and work too much without results.

To succeed in such conditions is not easy. You need a different approach to help you cope with the modern demands of life and business.

You need an approach to help you focus on what it is important to you and connect on a deeper level with the people and the things are valuable to you.

You need a more simple way of living and working. But that’s not all!

You need a different way of doing things, a way not only would permit you to cope with the modern environment, but also to become more effective in your everyday life.

Simplicity, as a way of living, can do that!

Simplicity signifies a new winning strategy for those want to own their life and business and choose responsibly what they want to gain and what can afford to loose.

As Takis Athanassiou writes: “Simplicity is not abandonment! It is what I thought when I start realizing more and more that I needed to do the things I used to do in a different way.

And in this way, this book is born. As a response to general demand for a more simple way of living, as a challenge for managing to live on and with what matters the most and as a winning strategy can help you deal with a highly complicated world.[/text_block]

In this Book You Will Discover…

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  • How Would You Define Simplicity? What simplicity is and how can affect you. Moreover, how you can use it for achieving your goals.
  • A Volatile Business Environment. What happening in business today, and how these changes affect yourself and your life.
  • Before the Simplicity Occurs! What you need to consider and decide before you adopt simplicity as a way of life. What are the questions you have to answer, your whys, your hows, your wheres. And how YOU should become the center of your world both on a personal as well as in business level.
  • The Simplicity Approach. What is the simplicity approach, and how you can achieve it? What are the basic operation principles, how to develop your own and how to use them the design the life you want!
  • Simplicity as a Way of Life. Simplicity is not just an approach but a whole way of life, needs time and work to be achieved. How to adopt simplicity, on whose terms and how to succeed in this venture.
  • Simplicity as a Life Strategy. Simplicity is not just another lifestyle or a theory aiming at comfort you. It is a real life strategy with practical results you can achieve and monitor throughout your personal and business life. Furthermore is a winning strategy you need to adopt and exercise constantly in order to achieve your objectives.
  • (How to) Make a Difference. How simplicity as a theory, approach and practice can help you to make a difference in the world. What else would you need to master in order to influence and produce positive results for your life and the lives of other people around you!
  • Final Thoughts on simplicity and where you can go from here!


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