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If you want to make an impact in the world today, serve more effective the people you care about and serve, and create an income doing the things that you like to do and matter the most to you, then this site is for you.

You can find here, all the free strategies, tools, resources and material I can provide to you to help you do your work better and live a meaningful life.

In this section I have added and the best resources I have picked up here and there, that may prove of good use to you and your business! I have devoted a huge amount of time to understand, learn and implement many of the things suggested therein, and I have invested an even greater amount of time to adjust them to my own needs and requirements.

These picks and resources include, but are not limited, to books, blogs, sites, tools, quotes, infographics, presentations, video of interest, etc.

I believe that all these are useful additions to the normal workings of an intelligent person and can help him/her a lot in finalizing his/her course of action.

Finally, in this section, among the other resources, I would include and some of my free e-books, distributed to the subscribers of my site or from different channels.

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The Leadership Execution™ Podcast

The Leadership Execution™ Podcast is the place I am sharing my insights and ideas about leadership, productivity, personal development, tools and strategies that get results. It is the place and my running lab to benchmark and test ideas and things I am doing and work.

It is a podcast addressed to entrepreneurs, business owners, freelancers, and people want to make a living online, aiming at filtering all the information I collect from the channels I am monitor and the people I interact with and serve it in the form of actionable steps and strategies you can use in your everyday life and business.

Stay Tuned!


Community is an important part of what we do and the interaction with coaches, consultants, trainers, and peers is what many times can make a huge difference to what we do.

That’s why I am fortunate enough to have develop a community of peers (entrepreneurs, business owners, freelancers, etc.) want to succeed and make a difference in the world, to help you achieve your objective.

You can find more information here!


Over the years I have develop many resources I have used for my own purposes but other people find them useful as well. I have collected many of these free resources to a page for easy reference.

If you are interest in these resources, please check this page.

FREE e-Books

Bellow, you can find many of my e-Books you can download for free (most of them with registration, sorry about that!)


Over the years I have developed various presentations! I have added many of the public ones to SlideShare in order everyone have access  to the information contained.

You can check them here.

Some More Top Picks, Resources & Assets You Should Know About

Some more resources and interesting things!

  • Book Reviews (My Book Club) – Introduction and notes for a small list of books I have reviewed  here and loved.
  • Products I recommend – Products I am using or have used and I highly recommend.
  • Reading List – This is my personal reading list on Goodreads in which you can find many of my favorite books I have read all these years.
  • Recommended Books – This is a small and, comprehensive, I believe list of various books in different areas I have found of value and I recommend to my readers.
  • Recommended Courses – This is a small list of courses I have found of maximum use for me and what I do.
  • The Tools, Applications, and Platforms I Use – A list of the tools and applications I use or I have tested and have found of interest.

NOTE: This section would be a work in progress and I aspire to provide an integrated toolbox for the subjects discussed in this blog.