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Hi, I am Takis Athanassiou! I help entrepreneurs, business owners, and freelancers to grow a business, to make an impact, develop a community of loyal friends and focus on what matters most!

Welcome to my award-winning blog! I am a business consultant and this is the place I share strategies and ideas about leadership, small business, marketing, and effectiveness. My goal is to help you win in business and life by getting or developing the assets and resources you need to achieve your objectives.

As a consultant, I am in the business of keeping learning new things and trying to implement them in different business cases.  It is not always easy, but many times is effective and brings a huge impact on various sectors.

What I learn I try to share with you to help you start or grow your business, reach a bigger audience and make a difference today!

To exploit fully what this site has to offer to you and learn more on how to start, build, operate or grow a digital business, and/or how to build an audience around your messages, products or services you can read my blog, listen to my podcast or watch my videos.

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Have You Checked My New Book Simplicity On Amazon?

Your life is complex as it is. Too many things to attend each day and many commitments in your work and life create an abundance of everyday complexity.

You need to make things manageable and, moreover, you need to have a meaningful and productive life that will focus on what matters most.

You need to achieve a work-life balance while you are achieving your goals and make your dreams a reality.

That’s why this book is born. To provide you with a new mindset and suitable approaches which will help you to leverage your strengths and focus on the things that count the most to you.

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I am in the business of helping you achieve your personal and professional goals by providing you proven business models and working mental schemes to assist you to cope with your everyday problems without losing the “big picture”.

I believe that anybody can succeed in what he or she doing if clears up his/her goals, define his/her priorities and commit to succeed them based on his/her inner beliefs and values.

My mission is to help you define with clarity your goals and develop the required skills, assets, resources and networks to aid you in their implementation.

The keys to this venture are a clear-defined vision, focused objectives, commitment, and the desire to learn, acquire or develop whatever you need in the course of implementing your strategies and ideas which will lead you to achieve your goals.

What do you think?

Core Values & Operations

We live in a complex world and we try to do business in new and innovative ways. Many things have changed in recent years and the ways we knew are no longer valid. We need today to learn new ways to balance our life, to become better people and grow our business on an international level.

To do so we need familiar anchors and pointers to align our goals to our core values and operate in a way that is, at the same time, effective and humane.

I do believe that everyone is able to achieve his/her goals as long as he/she is authentic, trustworthy, and aligned with his/her inner beliefs and principles.

Business, any business, start from yourself and if you are not dedicating time to develop yourself, to learn what you need to know, to develop the assets and the resources you require you won’t be successful as a person and as a business person.

At the heart of what I do, there are these core values:

  • Thought leadership, personal development, and growth,
  • Human-based entrepreneurship,
  • Learning, skill development & constant education,
  • Passion and excellence in your work and life,
  • Effectiveness and optimization,
  • Focused initiatives to make a difference,
  • Collaboration, support, and nourishment,
  • Work-Life balance.

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Develop Your Path 3D

Develop Your Path

Leadership is not just the ability to lead. It is also the capability of having a doable vision, of achieving goals and of owning your life and your actions. Get here your personal free guide to determine your vision and achieve your goals in life and business.

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The Huge Impact Of Everyday Rituals 3D

Everyday Rituals

Every day you wake up,  say hello to your family and prepare yourself for the day to come. This small book will teach you how to achieve your goals via planning, personal growth and good habits that may change the way you live and do things.

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eLearning As A Business - Free e-Learning Book

e-Learning As A Business

Today you can make success by capitalizing your knowledge and skills in your niche market and helping people reach their true potential! This small report gives you the ideas and insights to help you develop your business in the e-Learning area.

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Takis Athanassiou is an e-Business and e-Learning consultant who empowers managers, executives, and business owners by sharing his best methods, ideas, and approaches for driving success. Takis shares tools, stories, and inspiration for leaders on his blog by using a specialized mindset based on leadership and strategy principles, personal growth directives, business proven practices, and training activities.

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