3 Steps For Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy

Ashley Alex is a dedicated writer who support students who want to enhance their marketing strategy knowledge through social media. In this post presents “3 steps for effective social media marketing strategy“, which can support effectively the social media efforts of everyone want to make an impact at social media world.

I have remembered my first training class for swimming it was really amazing and thrilling experience for me. I have to jump in the pool for the first time with no idea what to do. My friends were swimming well as they all knew the techniques and day to day practices that go with swimming. I saw rest of people doing well.

3 Steps For Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy

Philosophy, is not just for philosophers! And does not contained within the walls of an academic institution or library. Philosophy is (or I believe should be) a living, everyday, practice that includes observation, contemplation and thinking of the issues affect us most!

When philosophy meets everyday problems and issues, can really transform the way we see our world, behave and act. This is the case of this talk, by Professor and philosopher Ruth Chang.

She is dealing with one of the hardest problems of human life, the hard choices and provides a new framework for seeing who are really are as persons and how to make difficult choices!

It is definitely a must-see video!


What happens when a choice you made, imposed to someone else way of thinking and doing? You do make a lot of choices in the course of your life. What you eat! How you would dress up! With whom you would associate with! We take many choices in your everyday life. Either to a personal or to a professional level. But, most of the times, the decisions we make, affect other people as well!


Think About Tomorrow!

It is not always easy to think about tomorrow. The next day, most of the times, is a puzzle to be solved, if not a problem for most of the people! Tomorrow, you have to pay bills; tomorrow, you have to attend a school event; tomorrow, you have to prepare the financial report for a client, at work; tomorrow, you have to go to the doctor, for that check up you postponed for so long; tomorrow, you have to do something, or go something! But tomorrow, is never too far away! In fact tomorrow, starts on what you doing now!

Think About Tomorrow!

Increasing The Google+ Engagement For Your Business [Infographic]

This is an excellent infographic by Quick Sprout presenting some interesting facts about Google+ in relation to your business. A must see!

Do you use Google+ for your business. Check this infographic, from Quick Sprout for some interesting facts and how to increase engagement!

Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Graphs.net.

Question: How do you use Google+ to increase engagement for your business?

In this excellent video, the psychologist Daniel Goleman, author of the books: Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ, Primal Leadership, With a New Preface by the Authors: Unleashing the Power of Emotional Intelligence, and The Triple Focus: A New Approach to Education, presents his book: Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence and the concepts behind it.

Focus is one of those attributes that can lead you to higher performance and productivity levels, as Daniel Goleman argues. Moreover, it is a human feature that, if cultivated correctly, can change your entire life.

A video, worth seeing it!