How To Find Influencers In Your Niche Market With Ninja Outreach

Ninja Outreach is a tool can help you find influencers and automate all the outreach activities of your blog or company. It is an integrated platform, providing all the required tools to help you not just connect with all major players in your niche market, but also to expand your influence, traffic and conversion rates on auto pilot.

Ninja Outreach

How to Improve e-Learning Communication Skills

Today’s post is written by Andy Bell. Andy is an everyday learner and editor, working at Internet Learning Center. He is passionate about helping online learning businesses to achieve their goals. He loves tutoring job & his favorite subjects are math and English, but he has also taken honors classes in science and history. Outside the classroom, he enjoys tennis and is an active member of the Rancho Crandon Park. 

Being a part of an e-Learning environment is no easy thing. e-Learning requires a different approach from the usual face-to-face interaction. Communicating with technology usually, encounter a lot of issues and problems. Even skilled communicators tend to overlook what makes e-Learning unique that it requires a different set of skills to successfully master it.

How to Improve e-Learning Communication Skills

7 Reasons You Should Invest Your Time in Networking

Today’s post is written by Dan McCarthy. Dan has worked in the event management industry for five years and is currently an event manager for the UK-based company Venueseeker. His portfolio includes many successful event planning projects for companies across various niches. He is currently a regular contributor to his company’s blog site. Follow him on Twitter at @DanCarthy2.

These days, it’s all about having the right connections. The more people you know, the more likely you are to land big career opportunities and gigs.

7 Reasons You Should Invest Your Time in Networking

Dan Anton’s SEO Business Formed Through Military Leadership

Dan Anton


What does it take to be a “good” businessman or woman? An ethereal question answered through this fundamental truth, retired military members do very well in the private sector, some amassing large fortunes. By analyzing the traits associated with leadership roles in the military, principles, and execution, we can see how Dan Anton was able to not only excel at a high level in the public sector, but transition successfully into a lucrative career as an SEO (search engine optimization), also known as online marketing, service provider.

Let Content Drive Your Marketing – A Content Marketing Prime

Easy (& Quick) Ways To Develop Valuable Content

The market is not an easy place to be! Especially so, for small business owners, need to enhance visibility, ideas, and tools to become known to their niche market! This is the main idea I try to convey to a friend of mine (a newbie entrepreneur in the education market) having no marketing knowledge at all and wanted more information for small business marketing.

Content Marketing

Critical Advice for Startups – 5 Ways to Control Spending

When starting a new business there will always be obstacles in your path and little annoyances that you must deal with, sometimes on a daily basis. Actually, if a statistical analysis were to be made, one of the leading problems that confront many startups is in having enough money to do all that needs to be done to get the company off the ground.

Critical Advice for Startups – 5 Ways to Control Spending

Top Resources for Leaders to Write Convincingly

How to become a better writer and a better leader?

Today’s post is by Veronica Hunt. Veronica is a professional copywriter and blogger writing frequently about blogging, writing, education and new technology. You can follow Veronica at Google+.

In the business world, it is impossible to always get what you need, but you can make your arguments more convincing to move closer to this kind of mightiness. Too often, leaders underestimate the power of email communication and strong motivating speeches composed wisely. However, written word is still a great tool of communication, especially in the sphere of leadership. After all, leaders do not have enough time and energy to talk to every consumer, employee or partner personally and there is nothing left but reaching these people via email.

Resources for writing convincingly