Three Simple Ways to Shift your Career

Many a times it so happens that we feel we have been pursuing the wrong career and need a change from the mundane. And sometimes it may be due to reasons like finding our true calling or a new passion that we would like to shift our careers for. Regardless of what the reason for you wanting to change your career might be, you need to initiate the change effectively and take the move positively.

Three simple ways to shift your career

5 Things Your Business Needs to Invest in in 2016

As 2015 comes to an end it’s time to look forward to a successful and prosperous 2016. However, to thrive next year businesses need to invest in certain things. The companies that look forward and adapt to change are the strongest organizations. To make your business an even stronger organization, these are 5 things your business needs to invest in in 2016.

5 Things Your Business Needs to Invest in in 2016

How to Establish Yourself as an Industry Expert

Being quoted by the media as being an expert in your industry is a better kind of branding than even the most expensive of advertising and marketing campaigns. Journalists and bloggers are constantly on the hunt for resources for their stories. They’re always searching for people who can speak intelligently about specific topics. If you’re well-versed in your field and have a lot to say, it’s time for you to connect the dots. Follow these strategies to put yourself in front of the right people in order to maximise your exposure in both print and online articles.

How to Establish Yourself as an Industry Expert

Unusual Social Media Tips to Drive Branding

Tracy Worth works as a consultant for clients on social media and digital strategies. Today, writing about “Unusual Social Media Tips to Drive Branding“!

Effective and strong social media tips drive successful businesses. According to a recent study based in the US region, a survey of over 400 websites for the period of 4 months suggested that social media referrals and successful campaigns drive more than 40% of website traffic in the modern day world of Digital Media. Hence, not just your branding, but also your website traffic is more reliant on the successful executions of your social media strategy.

Unusual social media tips to drive branding

Leading in Trouble Times

As a project manager in numerous projects, I had to face a lot “odd” situations! There were times I had to “improvise” a lot, in order to find suitable solutions and win-win strategies, even though I was not the direct responsible for the solutions of the problems occurred in the projects! I had to direct the consortium to one solution versus the other, to find more ways to do a thing, to organize supportive actions to enhance an activity, and many other things to help the accomplishment of the tasks at hand! I was not leading, per se, but most of the times, I was proactive towards the goals of the project I was working in!

Leading in Trouble Times

5 Leadership Tips for Remote Teams Management

Tess Pajaron is the Community Manager for Open Colleges for over 3 years. She has a background in Business Administration (Major in Management and Finance) and has worked for their family corporation for over 9 years as Administrative Manager and Auditor. Today she is presenting “5 Leadership Tips for Remote Teams Management“! Worth reading it!

These days, managers should expect to face the reality of remote teamwork at one point or another. Many companies are today built on exclusively or partially remote environments – as you can imagine, managing workers who are scattered all over the country or world is quite a challenge. It’s very likely that at some point in your career, you’ll be managing remote professionals and you better be prepared for that.

Remote Teams Management

How to Develop a Culture in a Remote Team?

When you are working in remote teams, usually you have a sense of interdependent along to a sense of alienation from the normal operation procedures of your company! I remember the feeling when I was working to R&D EEC projects involving many different teams across Europe! Working remotely, is now a valid way of working, but in order to be effective it needs to be based in a common company culture!

Develop a culture in a remote team