Hackers & Painters: Big Ideas from the Computer Age (O'Reilly Media; 1 edition (May 1, 2010))

One of the best books I have ever read and one I recommend unquestionably! Paul Graham, author a book full of provocative thinking and ideas transcendent the normal computer schools of thought reaching realms as different as IT, computers, art, culture and thinking!

A book you should read!

While Being Interviewed for a Job Use your Brains Ladies!

Kim Black is a Content Specialist and an avid fan of creativity. Here presents her thoughts on best interviewing practices for women!

Within the initial 10 minutes in an interview, it is decided whether a person is worth hiring or not by the interviewer, as it is a known fact. For most of the readers this might as well be exciting yet scary. It is about casting a spell after all, isn’t it? So, one should be extra cautious while being interviewed. The expression of ‘Casting a Spell’ globally is gravely misunderstood, particularly by women as it is of the essence to learn the do’s and don’ts of an interview. The impression of the interviewee on the interviewer must be such that it lasts forever and must be captivating enough to acquire the intended job. In order for women to bag their jobs right away, mentioned below are some pointers to make the case.

While being Interviewed for a Job

Understanding the Characteristics of a Proactive Leader

Jenny Gunn is an entrepreneur, who also teaches leadership courses. Here you can see some of her thoughts on how to Understand the characteristics of a proactive leader!

The reactive and proactive leaders

On our way through the progress within the professional life, we will come across many traits and kinds of leaders around, who run the organizations by their way of leadership styles, personality and thought process. Often within these different kinds of leaders there are two schools of thoughts, which reside and influence the way these leaders think. One school of thought is a leader that should be reactive, while another school of thought which suggests that it might be a bit risky, but most leaders should be extremely proactive.

Understanding the characteristics of a proactive leader

Leaders Provide Cohesion

Leaders do a lot of things! But mostly they provide cohesion. They set a vision, goals to achieve it and tasks to get you there. And they package all these in a way to be affordable, comprehensible and easily achievable. What great leaders do is to make you see the achievable behind the vision and the road to lead you there. That’s why we admire some people and we like to be with them and follow them and share their vision! To be part of a new and cohesive view of a very possible “would be”!

Leaders Provide Cohesion

Do the Work (The Domino Project; 1st edition (April 20, 2011))

Do the Work

Do the Work” is an excellent book by Steven Pressfield about what you can do for doing your work better! It focus on YOU, and show you how to remove the obstacle may block your progress towards your goals.

Here the author of the “Gates of Fire: An Epic Novel of the Battle of Thermopylae and of the excellent “The Warrior Ethos” deals with another kind of battle. Your inner battle for doing what it matters most to you!



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