Use These 6 Simple Steps to Improve Employee Time Management

In this post, Anastasiya Savelyeva,  presents how to use these “6 simple steps to improve employee time management“. Anastasiya marketing manager at Yaware and aims at helping people run their business more efficiently. Check this post out!

Time nowadays is an important asset both in personal and work life. If you want to be productive, you have to learn how to manage it wisely.

The same rule works for businesses: proper employee time management helps to free up time for new activities and increase overall and personal productivity.

Improve Employee Time Management

How to Improve Leadership and Communication Skills

If you’re an entrepreneur who is looking to be successful and a leader in your chosen industry, the key to success is to have great leadership and communication skills. Leadership and communication skills come hand in hand, with those who are the best leaders also being the best communicators. So, how can you work towards improving your leadership and communication skills, and becoming a respected figure in your field? We’ve put together a list of simple things that you can begin doing as early as today to ensure that your communication and leadership skills are second to none.

How to Improve Leadership and Communication Skills

10 Moves for a Successful Online Presence

The Business Initiative @Business was developed by my need, to have a second point of presence online! Its function is to provide an extra platform for the messages I’d like to convey to the community I serve! It is another “outlet“ for plugging in my creative flows in directions I haven’t yet fully explored. And yet, as I developed it, bit-by-bit, I realized, that it was something completely different of the “thing“ I had envisioned!

Successful Online Presence

5 Key Ingredients to Make a Successful Career

Ishika Agarwal writes about career and business subjects. In this posts provides “5 Key Ingredients to Make a Successful Career“.

With the increase in competition it is became extremely important for students to learn the recipe of success. Unfortunately a great proportion of students are unaware about tactics that could help them to grow their career. If you’re also desperately looking for something that will boost your academic performance then must read the information shared in the below passage. Here are 5 key ingredients to make a flourishing career.

Make a Successful Career

Nuts and Bolts of a New Scheme!

One of the projects I am active lately is the development of a new point of online presence! The reasons for this decision are many, but basically I needed a new, “fresh“, site as a second base of operations for my activities! This is the Business Initiative @Business site and its developing was, needless to say, quite challenging!

Nuts and Bolts of a New Scheme

A New Point of Online Presence

As you probably may be aware, by sporadic postings and links I have published at some social media networks, over the past 3-4 months I’m developing a new (online) point of presence! A new point of online presence is not something you develop without proper thinking!  The reasons for that are many! First of all I wanted a “pure” outlet for my online business activities and second of all I want to develop a business presence would reflect many of the discussions taken place here over the past 2.5 years and provide solutions and pure value to its community! Ergo the Business Initiative @Business project was born!

a new point of online presence

Instructional design is one of the core components of modern e-Learning approach! It involves a lot of things, procedures, systems and, among other skills, excellent writing skills and strategies to produce and deliver the required result!

In an e-Learning experience, the output should always lead the learner into learning the required skills and/or knowledge. This is not always easy and you need to employ suitable strategies to deliver the results need to be achieved by the learner(s)! Exactly on this base of reference is structured this excellent presentation.

The presentation has been developed by the company Learning Pool Ltd [not an affiliation link] and aims at providing ideas, resources and approaches can help you deliver effective instructional  designs!

A must see for any instructional designer and e-Learning expert!