Online Money Making

From Online Money Making beginner to Expert in No Time

In her new book, Janet Curry, offers a small guide on how to move “From Online Money Making beginner to Expert in No Time: Tricks of The Online Money Making Trade That Will Let You Hit the Ground Running“.

It is an introductory guide, trying to explain all the technical terms and procedures with simple terms, while it provides valuable information for someone who wants to earn a second income or wants to know how to gain money online!

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Select Your Associates Carefully

As Project Manager in many projects, I have come to appreciate the value of well-selected partners for the implementation of a project! In business is not always at your hand to select your associates (that term includes business partners, vendors, collaborators, freelancers, outside contractors, anyone assist you to provide the best possible – business – result). Other situations, usually determine the “who is doing what” in a project (business, endeavor, venture, startup, etc.). But their selection, is vital for the success of every business venture!

Select Your Associates Carefully

Easter 2015

My MITs!

MITs stands for Most Important Tasks (or most important things as many authors suggest) and it is one of my most important tools for doing my work better (and faster). I introduced to the concept by Leo Babauta in his excellent post “Purpose Your Day: Most Important Task (MIT)” but the principle has been suggested by many other productive experts (as Jason Womack in his “Put attention on the MIT’s – the Most Important Things” post, James Clear in his post “The Only Productivity Tip You’ll Ever Need“, Josh Kaufman in his “What Are ‘Most Important Tasks (MITs)’?“, Sarah Rapp to her post “Lab Rat: Do Your “Most Important Task” First?” to mention only a few!)

My MITs!

Four Types of Role, a Leader Performs Within the Team

This post is written by Kate Cross and focused on the roles a leader should perform in a team. Please check it out!

Leadership is a skill or a trait and being a leader is a role that an individual performs. Whenever we talk about successfully managed teams and projects, we cannot emphasize more the importance and the role their leader must have played during the performance and execution of the work. When you become a leader, there are absolutely essential responsibilities and accountability you have to take care of in order to be a successful one. The importance of leader within in a team is so much that it is almost like an anchor to a sinking ship. Imagine a boat without its captain, it can sink and go haywire similarly without a leader the team can just go anywhere in the midst of all the work and can become one chaotic workforce that achieves absolutely nothing.

Four types of role a leader performs within the team