How to integrate technology in a learning process? This is the question Shelly Sanchez Terrell tries to explain in this wonderful presentation focused on the “Survival Tips for Integrating Technology“.

A fascinating reading for anyone interest at the integration of technology in learning processes!

Do you know AIDA?

Do you know AIDA? I had the pleasure to introduced to AIDA several years ago (it must be more than 20 years now. Well, time do fly!) and it never disappoint me! It,  I said? It! Yes, is not wrong! Not wrong at all. Or the act of my crazy spell-checker! You see, AIDA is not a she,  is an it! AIDA is a powerful technique and an acronym used widely in marketing and advertising, to describe the ways a viewer or reader engaged to an advertisement or to an event!

The Personal Cost of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is a complex concept with very simple (and humble) origin. It is basically the process of developing a business, company, startup, organization or venture aiming at bringing something new (and needed) resource in the world! This is what I was thinking when I had finished the university and I still believe today. It is not about money. Or at least is not JUST for the money. Entrepreneurship, for me, is a disruptive process, aiming at fill in existing requirements (needs if you like) and manifest a new thing (item, commodity, resource, asset, etc) in the world.

The Personal Cost of Entrepreneurship