7 Ways To Find Blogging Ideas

Nicolette Morrison is a young blogger and freelance writer with great ideas and goals both for blogging and writing. Here, she shares her ideas about how to find blogging ideas! You can check her at Google+ or at her site, Nicolette On Writing!

Professional or not, it is an inevitable scenario to get feel stuck for a mere reason that you don’t have any blogging ideas at all. For any writers, it is a frustrating and definitely one of the big problem to deal with. No matter how you try to tell yourself that writing is fun and easy, but once you start doing it you will find yourself feeling lost.

7 Ways To Find Blogging Ideas


During my business life, I have tried a lot of thinks. Either from a position in a business hierarchy, or from a personal point level. One of the most important lessons, I have learned during this time, is that your beliefs direct your actions! What do you think you are (as a person, role, professional, etc.), or how do you think you are going to behave in a given situation, soon, it is the way you do it!




Yammer (not an affiliate link!) is a new breed of enterprise social network, that can serve effectively small business, large companies and enterprises alike!

It is a collaborative tool can be used to bridge together remote group of people working on the same (or different!) projects!

Here’s a small introduction of Yammer:

Yammer is based on group networking principles, and provides a constant connection with co-workers, associates, data of value and conversations taken place and (might) interested you the most.

Yammer provides:

  • private & secure network,
  • collaboration & group tools (chat, private or puvblic groups, etc.),
  • knowledge sharing and dissemination,
  • document collaboration,
  • organized inbox,
  • discovery features on the group level
  • integration with mainstream services,
  • portability and usage across various platforms (web, IOS, Android, etc.)
  • connection with various business applications
  • easy network administration (including branding, user management and easy deployment)
  • advanced features of safety and data security

In total, Yammer is a tool worth to check it! Take a look and see if you can use it for managing your collaborative/group requirements!

10 Keys of Empowerment

Some days are not easy! Nor are “user-friendly“! Such days, can bring you many more challenges, while you still have to cope with the “ordinary” things! You still have to go to your work, to pay one or more bills, to get the kids from school (or to take them there!), to find time for some reading, to go in the gym, to visit a friend, to see a movie, to meet with your parents, etc. The list never seems to getting shorten! How would you find the extra energy, feelings and inspiration you need to cope adequately with whatever a day tosses at you? You simply, need to tap into YOUR keys of empowerment!

10 Keys of Empowerment

Beliefs are the foundation for your actions. That’s why are so important for our personal and business lives.

In this presentation, Mark Bristow, tries to shed more light in this subject!

Something, you want to check!


My Work - Wrike

Wrike (not an affiliate link!) is a web-based project management tool, very useful when you have to lead or participate in a project!

Wrike has a smart interface and simple design, a like a lot! You can see everything about a project in a single page. But that’s not all.

Wrike provides all the necessary features for group and team collaboration. Among them are:

  • Task management
  • Discussions
  • News feeds
  • Project and time tracking
  • Documents sharing
  • Integration with 3rd services (like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.) and applications
  • Customized Reports
  • iPhone & Android Clients for work from mobile devices
  • etc.

Wrike has all the necessary tools, needed to get your job done with your team.

You can see some of its basic capabilities at the following video.

For more specific project management tasks, you can view the next video.

Just check it here and see if it can be useful for your projects!

The Art Of Saying No

It is common in today days of connected world, for you to have receive many requests by various people. There are requests concerning you to read or write something, to check a problem, to provide a solution, to attend an event, etc. If you commit yourself at accommodating all these requests soon you would find yourself drifted away from your original plans, and burned out! That’s why you should learn how to saying no in a convincing and polite way!

The Art Of Saying No