An excellent presentation by Stephen Downes about the evolution of e-learning and the place of free learning in our today, highly connected world.

Take a look and may you find the free learning and the networks valuable vehicles toward your further personal development!

How To Decide As A Fighter Pilot – The OODA Loop!

Do you like to make better decisions? Do you like to decide as a fighter pilot? Then, perhaps you should try to put a little bit of OODA in your life! OODA is a small military acronym I picked up during my army days (in Greece, an at least 1-year military service is compulsory for the men.) I had plenty of hours to spear and a lot of American Army manuals to read! OODA is one of those things you could find extremely useful, later on, at your civilian life!

How To Decide As A Fighter Pilot - The OODA Loop

What Is A Growth Hacker? [Infographic]

This is an infographic developed by Apostle Mengoulis. Apostle is Growth and Content Hacker at GrowthRocks. You can connect with him at Google+.

In the hindmost half of the 1990s the usage of the Internet erupted. Bits and bytes transformed into products, and since then marketing was never the same. Charles Darwin, imprinted in his infamous Law Of Evolution that: “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change”. I don’t know about nature in general, but Darwin left a really good hint for marketers. It doesn’t have to do with expensive advertising campaigns, anymore. The game has changed and so should the player’s attitude.

Growth Hackers are kind of a natural evolution of marketers. Half an engineer and half a Marketer, a Growth Hacker is like a super mutant of the Internet era. Extracting elements from both worlds, he aims always at his ultimate goal: Growth!

What The Theme Has To Do With It!

The theme of the blog is an important component of the blog itself. A theme is like the painting job in a car (denotes personal preferences and inclinations of its owner!) but, in blogging is more than that. It is part of the identity of its author(s) and an identifiable sign of its purpose. It is part of a branding!

What The Theme Has To Do With It

Learn the Strengths of Smart Students for Boosting Your Career

This is a guest post, by Sara Jones, focusing on how a student can be better and more adequate to boost his or her career. Sara Jones currently, helping the students who want to become smart for boosting up their career. You can reach her at Google+.

High intelligence, confidence, top scores are the signs of smart students. In today’s world, every student wants to become smarter in order to boost up their career. Smart students plan ahead and accomplish their academic goals on time. Any student can become a smart student by learning some smart techniques that are vital for high academic performance. However, if you are a college student and looking for an opportunity to boost your career then you should learn the strengths of smart students. Look at the information provided below to learn smarter ways of rising career.

Learn the Strengths of Smart_Students for Boosting Your Career