Do you want to help others & make money? Check this webinar!

Do you want to help other people and make some money on the process? It the answer is yes, then you should attend the new “Help Others. Make Money” webinar by Chris Brogan!

The webinar will cover many topics about building online courses, such as how to:

  • develop an online course
  • package your ideas
  • move gradually from idea to course
  • marketing your course
  • technical considerations

and many other topics.

In this webinar, Chris will be accompanied by Chris Lema and together they try to clarify many subjects related to how you can help other people by developing online courses!

A webinar, you should, definitely, attend (or if you are unable to attend, you can always check the event, later – there would be a recording)!

See you there!


Launch (Morgan James Publishing, 2014)

Internet marketing and online business are difficult as they are today. Too much competition, too many competitors and few opportunities for real value added products!

The online business field never was quite easy, but most authors, either neglect some basic steps in a process or they wrap up their knowledge to jargon based principles, difficult to be understood by the non-marketing professionals!

Jeff Walker, tries to remedy that problem, by providing a solid, easy to understand and fully comprehensible book, targeting at make you able to understand this new field and work effectively in that domain!

His book is entitled: “Launch: An Internet Millionaire’s Secret Formula To Sell Almost Anything Online, Build A Business You Love, And Live The Life Of Your Dreams” and it is a comprehensive guide on building, marketing and sale, information, mostly, products.

Jeff, in an easy and comprehensible way, navigate the reader via his own experiences in the online business area presenting his own formula of success, his Product Launch Formula, which is a winning strategy as far as online business concerns! Jeff, was behind many successful product launches in the past few years and he is mentoring many successful today entrepreneurs, using the exact strategies, models and tips, he describes in this book!

A worth reading book, for every online entrepreneur, marketing and business person! A must read for people doing business in the new age!

You want to do better freelance work? Check the new course of Seth Godin!

One of the major assets of every entrepreneur work today is his or her ability to adapt to the new market conditions and to the demands of his/her clients! This is not always easy and demands a lot of work, both on personal and professional level, in order anyone to be ready to match adequately the challenges of today business!

This is truer, on the area of freelancing, because a freelancer should be more agile and adaptable to the current business conditions in order to reassure his/her business survivability!

A key ingredient in this goals, to be ready someone to respond effectively to the new market conditions, is the personal discipline and the constant training!

This is the problem, tries to solve the new course developed by Seth Godin! Seth Godin is not your average type entrepreneur or trainer! He is an innovative thinker, marketer, blogger, author and entrepreneur with very large impact at the “mechanics” of the new business environment! And he is one of those talented few, can provide you with an easy and comprehensible manner the basic ingredients of the new business field!

For this reason, this new course for any freelancer wants to become better in his or her work and work effectively in the area!

I am, certainly, going to attend it! I hope I see you there!

Please check it at Udemy (affiliate link)!

5 Must-Have Qualities of a True Leader

Naomi Witter is a talented young writer, determined to succeed in writing circles. Currently, she is finishing her degree in Management and writes about the “5 Must-Have Qualities of a True Leader“. Simple structure, clear thought. In total, an article must read!

A powerful leader is not someone that his team is afraid of, he is someone that his team respected. And to be able to gain respect means having valuable qualities. It is not easy to lead a team. It is not easy to make them listen to you. And it is not easy for them to follow everything that you are saying. That is why it is important to build credibility. So what qualities do credible leaders have? The qualities listed below may help you be a successful leader someday.
5 Must-Have Qualities of a True Leader

Online Money Making

From Online Money Making beginner to Expert in No Time

In her new book, Janet Curry, offers a small guide on how to move “From Online Money Making beginner to Expert in No Time: Tricks of The Online Money Making Trade That Will Let You Hit the Ground Running“.

It is an introductory guide, trying to explain all the technical terms and procedures with simple terms, while it provides valuable information for someone who wants to earn a second income or wants to know how to gain money online!

Check it out!

Select Your Associates Carefully

As Project Manager in many projects, I have come to appreciate the value of well-selected partners for the implementation of a project! In business is not always at your hand to select your associates (that term includes business partners, vendors, collaborators, freelancers, outside contractors, anyone assist you to provide the best possible – business – result). Other situations, usually determine the “who is doing what” in a project (business, endeavor, venture, startup, etc.). But their selection, is vital for the success of every business venture!

Select Your Associates Carefully