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Enter the Towards Personal Productivity Strategy Guide

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Access today these tested and PROVEN concepts, approaches, and tools for enhanced personal productivity. Focus on:

  • Concepts. 6+ easy to implement mental models, concepts, and mindsets to help you decide what productivity REALLY means to you and select the one’s fit better to your lifestyle.
  • Approaches. 7+ proven approaches on personal productivity to help you start employing the best ones for your life and work.
  • Systems & Tools. 5+ systems and tools you can promptly use to become more effective.
  • Increased Productivity. A personal and business strategy and roadmap to use as it is or adapt it to your own requirements and get the results you want in your life and business.

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Learning these personal productivity skills can help you solve many of the common problems prevent modern entrepreneurs and leaders to achieve their objectives. 

Why Do You Need to Be More Productive?

The modern world and the business is rapidly changing today with the result many things to be left behind or not taken cared of properly.

Important things like our health, our family, our personal time, our mood, and our personal interests.

It is not uncommon today to find yourself all the time in a reactive mode and never have the time to catch on the things that really matter to you.

Well, you are not alone. Everyone faces the same problems in one way or the other. The common problem is not just that there isn’t enough time.

Most of the time the problem is that you don’t have focus, a direction, energy or just the mood to do what you love!

The problem is a global one and it worsens day by day because every day we are facing new challenges that change the ways we are working.

Just check some of the recent data:

  • According to HubSpot, 86% of modern employees prefer to work alone to reach peak productivity. (HubSpot)
  • When distracted, an average employee takes 23 minutes to regain focus(HubSpot)
  • Employee health and performance are directly related. In fact, employees who eat healthy each day are 25% more likely to perform better at work. (HubSpot)
  • According to AON, engaged teams achieve 17% higher productivity, 21% greater profitability, and 10% higher customer ratings. (AON, 2018)
  • On average, employees attend 62 meetings every month. Unfortunately, 50% of these meetings are considered time wasted. (Atlassian)
  • 68% of professionals in the US lost time because of poorly planned meetings. (Doodle, 2019)
  • The total cost of employee absenteeism average 36% of base payroll. (Mercer, 2008)
  • Only 60% or less of workday hours is spent on productive work. (Atlassian)
  • On average, an employee faces 56 interruptions each day. (Atlassian)
  • Interestingly, 80% of the total interruptions are trivial and completely avoidable. (Atlassian)
  • 65% of employees say they have used the internet for nonwork-related purposes during their workday. (Qnnect, 2018)
  • Despite the emergence of smartphones and fast internet, employee productivity growth has averaged approximately 1%. (Accenture, 2017)

These figures suggesting that productivity is a major competitive advantage to a professional and personal level. And its absence becomes a radical problem should be addressed without delay!

This is the basic reason why personal productivity strategies can help you become more effective, live the life you always wanted, and focus on what matters most to you!

Why isn’t Everyone Doing it?

This is a tricky question! And has many answers. But usually, the simplest ones are the best. And the simplest answer in that question is that most people do not aim for higher productivity and efficiency because they don’t know how to start, or because they think that it takes a lot of work.

Most people focus on the procedures or the tools and missed completely the results.

You see the trick with productivity is that adds up.  If you start today to sleep better, for instance, your overall performance during the day will grow exponentially.

Imagine what you would do if you manage to do whatever you are doing now and save 3-5 hours every week for doing the things you like most.

Or 10 hours, or 20 hours, or …

Most people are asking:

  • How to start today?
  • What does it take to get the results I want?
  • What are the tools/applications that can help me achieve my goals?
  • How to set goals properly and have the outcomes I want?
  • How I will start to learn new things? (I am too old for that!)
  • How to adopt new habits (or and beliefs) at this age?
  • How much time would it take me to master whatever I need to learn in order to get the results I want?
  • How to change behaviors in order to serve better my goals?
  • How to set priorities in a better way?
  • How to develop a mindset that would enhance my efforts rather than sabotage them?

All these questions are valid and have a great significance on a personal or professional level. But if you want to provide your unique answers and do something about that (i.e. enhance your efficiency) I am here to help.

What Are The Benefits Of Personal Productivity

Personal productivity is not a set of shortcuts or hacks that would turn you instantly into an overachiever. And there is no magic formula to guarantee you that if you do [THIS] [THAT] would happen.

Productivity is a mindset, a discipline, and a set of strategies to help you reach your goals. But in order to work for you or for your particular workflow, it takes time and commitment to employ what it takes in order to get the results you want.

It needs to change behavior and habits and start:

  1. Set priorities and goals for everything you do,
  2. Research and find the best approaches and tools for your own unique life and work style,
  3. Learn the skills and competencies to help you maximize your impact in whatever you do,
  4. Align your habits, beliefs and everyday to-dos to your goals and
  5. Commitment to the procedures and tools you have employed in order to bring the results you have envisioned.

Simple isn’t it?

Only by investing time, energy, and effort, you can find yourself in the position to achieve your goals in life and business.

Because the promise of personal productivity is to provide you (among other things) with:

  • Clarity and focus on your priorities and goals, as well as on the ways you choose to implement them,
  • Autonomy and freedom to do more of the things you want and less of the things you cannot avoid,
  • More time for doing what you love most,
  • Larger profitability do to your focused result-oriented mindset on what provides better results,
  • Less clutter due to improved organization schemes you are going to implement,
  • More creativity as an output of more time for scheduling, planning, and envisioning,
  • Better health due to less stress and better eating, sleeping, exercising, etc. as results of the improved productivity schemes and time shavings,
  • More time with your family and your loved ones as a result of better time management techniques,
  • Enhanced organization as result to the productivity systems you are going to implement,
  • Less stress in whatever you do as a result of the trusted and proven productivity systems you are going to use,
  • Effectiveness in all aspects of your personal and professional lie, and finally
  • Work/Life balance in your life and work as a consequence of all the above benefits.

How are you going to develop these benefits for your own life, you are asking?

The answer is simple. I have assembled the #1 Personal Productivity Strategy Guide as a unique and easy to implement resource for you the bring about the benefits of personal productivity to your own life.

Please take a closer look at this easy to follow, full of proven real-life approaches strategy guide!

Towards Personal Productivity: Approaches and Tools For Enhanced Personal Productivity

Towards Personal Productivity

I have designed this book in order to be a comprehensive and easy to follow strategies guide and an easy to use blueprint for anyone wants to bring specific changes in his/her life.

Better yet, I have selected and present the best methodologies and strategies that can help you short out your priorities and developed a balanced time budget.

Here is exactly what you get insight the: Towards Personal Productivity

The Towards Personal Productivity Book

Towards Personal Productivity 3D Cover

This guide helps you unlock the required mindset and access the resources you need to achieve your personal and professional goals.

More specifically this book covers:

Mental Models

The mental models and concepts of productivity are many and discarded. But there are proven in life and business models that proved their validity for many times now. In this section described:

  • Schemes, models, and hacks for time management and how to make time work for you.
  • What it means effective time management.
  • The 5W+1H formula for elevated clarity and productivity.
  • 2 quadrants to help you decide better and more effectively.
  • How can be matched a martial art, the psychology of flow and productivity in the same workflow?


Effectiveness is a part of great debate for some time now. What is described as effectiveness or productivity is a relative matter and depends on the unique requirements of the person evoke it! This is the reason why in this section described:

  • What is that element that can make a difference in someone’s life or work?
  • What to focus on and how to do it better.
  • How to empty your mind RAM in order to find room for more things.
  • How important it is to set the right priorities and have SMART goals.
  • It is necessary some times to REBOOT YOUR LIFE?
  • Are there any specific elements can help grow and succeed unilaterally or not?
  • How your habits can help you or prevent you to succeed and what habits you should adopt.

Systems & Tools

There are many systems and tools that can help you do your life and work more effectively while support you in focusing on what matters most to you. These are the ones can help you more effectively.

  • How the analog systems can enhance your effectiveness in a digital era.
  • Taking good notes is one of the skills can help you become more productive in the long run.
  • Is there any quick patch to help you reduce your workload?
  • What are the best productivity strategies you probably should employ… yesterday!
  • Learn about the secret weapon (a productivity system you can use today) and how to use it in your life!

Increased Productivity Icon


The search for increased productivity cannot be stopped here. Having reviewed all the related areas, it is time to invest some time to set up and implement your OWN system using the best strategies around. In this section, it is provided a complete roadmap of the best proven and tested strategies to help you implement your own version of effectiveness and productivity. In this section described the:

  • content and context of personal productivity, and
  • 8 specific strategies to help you increase YOUR productivity and effectiveness.

Resources Icon

No book can be completed if not accompanied by various resources that can help you understand better what is the things you want to achieve and the ways to do it better according to your own needs and requirements.

For this reason in this section are described:

  • Many articles of value for personal productivity and how can be implemented in an easy and seamless way to your own life and work.
  • The best books on the subjects to provide you more insights and ideas about further tuning your personal productivity schemes.


Does that sound good or what?

Who’s This Guide For?

Personal Productivity Guide

This eBook has been designed to be an indispensable companion of every person who wants ways to achieve his/her goals with proven and tested methods and approaches.

The personal productivity strategy guide can be exploited by any person having the desire to change his/her life and bring more results to his/her personal and professional life.

It has been written in a jargon-free and easy-to-use way to help anyone to follow through the concepts and tools presented and implement easily the basic principles of personal productivity in his/her daily life and work routines.

Beyond the people want to become more effective in their life and work (like authors, speakers, bloggers, podcaster, content experts, etc.) and save more time for the things matter to them most there are some professionals can maximize to a greater degree the basic strategies contained in this book.

Entrepreneurs. This book is (partly) written for (from) you!

It is the result of the research I have done about which are the best productivity methods around for the modern entrepreneurs and of the questions you constantly made on how to achieve the desired outputs and how to maximize the results of each process. This guide now can answer the sum of your queries and help you achieve your objectives in a better way than what you have used in the past.

Business Owners. I consulted many of you so I know what you are facing each day!

This guide will give you the best approaches and tools to help you achieve your business goals and have a balanced life on the side. It is not a read-through and left-alone guide, but it has been designed to become a trusted reference for your personal productivity endeavors and achievement.

Freelancers. I discussed with many of you and I realize what was missing.

This guide provides the best methods and concepts to help you set up and run your own business in an effective and efficient way. Its focus on prioritization and results makes it a unique companion for someone wants to set the right business goals and achieve them in the desired timeframe.

Consultants & Coaches. I am a consultant and I know the problems!

This guide first and foremost represents my own research on how to do my work better, having the time to do more things I am interested in on the side. This is the reason I have benchmarking, testing, and use the sum of the concepts, ideas, tools, and approaches presented for more than 23 years using them to do my work better and easier. This is the reason I know that the strategies described can help a lot to your own work/life balance.

Internet Marketers. I work with many of you and I think I can help!

If you making a living by selling things, the improved productivity can make wonders for you. This guide can help you select which subjects you should focus on and what topics you should abandon or delegate to other people. It will also make you more profitable helping you to focus on the higher return results and omitting the tasks that have no meaning or impact for your business.

About The Author

Takis AthanassiouI am a business consultant and advisor with more than 23 years of experience in strategy, business development, distance learning, and marketing.

For several years I have tested and used various productivity strategies, methods, and tools to achieve my goals, and save some time for things matter the most to me. This journey has helped me to select the best ones for my own work and life and employ them in my daily life.

I spend much time tweaking and hacking the methods I employed in order to make them suitable for my particular style of work and my lifestyle.

Along this time I consult, advise, or discuss with many professional categories for various issues and the topic of effectiveness it was always one of the top ones. And that’s why I came to know how I would help you better.

I write this book to help you achieve your personal and professional goals and become your basic reference for developing a new more effective way of living and working.

I live in Athens, Greece with my wife and my 2 daughters.

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